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  • Tynan gets super weird with “Ducks On Acid” and we absolutely love it


    We’re no stranger to what you would call “serious” artists suddenly releasing a song that showed off their real-life personality. Dillon Francis, Kill The Noise, Salvatore Ganacci… honestly, a lot of the old OWSLA contingent made a name for themselves with these sort of antics.

    Lately, music has felt a bit more serious overall, but we’re glad that some of that ethos exists in the ether, especially with TYNAN’s new song, “Ducks On Acid.” It began as little more than thinking, “what if…”

    “I was walking around a park near my house on a brisk fall morning when I happened across a quaint scene of an elderly man feeding bread crumbs to a paddling of ducks,” says TYNAN. “It was a quiet picturesque moment plucked straight from a hallmark card that felt innocently free from the struggles of day to day life. As if this moment could live untouched as a pure representation of peace. Of course, my dumbass brain thought ‘what if he was feeding the ducks acid?’ So I went home and made what that would sound like.”

    Sure enough, the song is weird as hell. Modulated duck sounds that we can only assume would be similar to what they would sound like if they happened upon some mind-enhancing substances permeate the production, with bouncy drums and some glitchy synths. It’s as fun as it is weird and wacky and we’re absolutely here for it.

    Check it out below.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Tynan gets super weird with “Ducks On Acid” and we absolutely love it

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