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    Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Austin, Vanglowe, a singer, songwriter, and producer, has crafted quite a remarkable sound. With a fresh perspective on infectious pop productions and a distinctive vocal style, Vanglowe has returned with yet another beautiful single, “Dance Around Me.”
    “Dance Around Me” is an enchanting and captivating melodic house track, demonstrating Vanglowe’s expertise in the genre. Featuring infectious rhythms, emotive melodies, and mesmerizing vocals, the track invites listeners into a sonic journey filled with euphoria and emotion.
    Listen below!
    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Vanglowe Drops Beautiful Melodic House Single “Dance Around Me”

    When it comes to melodic house, few labels curate as well as David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is Records. He’s always spotlighting new and rising talent who’s music never ceases to amaze us.
    The latest offering is an EP titled ‘Deep Into The Blue’ from Night Breeze and Dias Ridge. The EP’s title track is driven by vocals and establishes a lush, forward-propelling momentum from the outset. This momentum is sustained through delicate counter melodies and warm percussion elements. However, the track maintains a tastefully minimalistic approach beyond these aspects, allowing for little distraction as it gradually builds and intertwines throughout the arrangement.
    The accompanying track “Descent” embraces the syncopated chord pluck sound, paired with an irresistible groove. The allure sustains from start to finish, giving off the feeling of pure bliss and contentment.
    Check it out below!
    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Night Breeze & Dias Ridge Collab For Enchanting EP ‘Deep Into The Blue’ via Where The Heart Is Records

    Zeo Guinle makes a triumphant return, collaborating with Warung Recordings to release his EP, “This Time,” featuring a remix by Dirty Doering. The international scene’s icons, including Acid Pauli, Adriatique, D-nox, and Robbie Akbal, have already shown their support for the EP. Before its official debut, “This Time” received significant attention through a premiere on Atlantida FM, one of the country’s largest radio stations, reaching millions of listeners.
    On the debut day, “This Time EP” earned recognition, securing a spot in the January Best New Melodic House Techno, Weekend Picks Melodic, and Best New Indie Dance charts on Beatport.
    Zeo Guinle, a resident DJ at London’s renowned D-Edge club, has an impressive track record with performances at Tomorrowland, Reading Festival, and Universo Paralello. Boasting millions of streams on digital platforms, Zeo Guinle presented “This Time” on January 26th through Warung Recordings, a label associated with the celebrated Warung Beach Club.
    The EP comprises two tracks: the original and a remix by Dirty Doering, the head of Berlin-based label Katermukke. The original track, spanning almost thirteen minutes, gradually builds a melodic progression, introducing existential questions within a dream-like atmosphere. Dirty Doering’s remix offers a digital and synthesized reinterpretation, maintaining the original’s character while adding a unique and impactful touch to the dance floor.
    Zeo Guinle’s international experience has significantly influenced his sound, marked by dynamism, groove, and energy. Having performed in London, Scotland, Manchester, and Bristol, Zeo Guinle is a prominent figure in the British electronic scene, with releases on labels such as Katermukke, Nuvour Records, Warung Recordings, Get Physical, and Great Stuff.
    Dirty Doering, also known as Velten Doering, is a catalyst for change, combining roles as a visionary entrepreneur and DJ. His remix of “This Time” showcases his ability to question and drive innovation, making a lasting impact on the electronic music landscape.

    In Zeo’s own words: My true love is to produce music for you, specially with such a great artist as the remixer. Dirty Doering is a true talent and Warung Recordings as our house was just perfect. Long life to Warung and big thanks to YourEDM for supporting!” – Zeo Guinle 
    Listen to the discography of  Zeo Guinle and Dirty Doering on Spotify and Soundcloud and for more information follow them on Instagram and Faceboook
    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: This Time EP: Zeo Guinle’s Latest Release with Remix by Dirty Doering on Warung Recordings

    Three international powerhouses in the electronic music scene, Grammy-winning DJ and producer Damon Sharpe, Japanese Tech House sensation AXON, and LA based vocalist Tima Dee, have joined forces to release the highly anticipated Latin Tech House single, “Casa De Techa.”
    “Casa De Techa” finds its home on Drop Low Records, owned by the red-hot Mexican DJ, Andruss, who has exploded onto the scene with his hit “Freakitona.” adding an extra layer of excitement to its release. The track boasts percussive rhythms that pulse through the veins and horn stabs that command attention, showcasing the diverse influences shaping modern electronic music. Tima Dee’s catchy vocal sound bites breathe life into the track, making “Casa De Techa” an irresistible force on dance floors globally.
    Check it out below!
    Damon Sharpe Upcoming Tour Dates:
    March 8: Splash Down Festival | Miami, FL
    March 20: The Kickoff at Rácket Wynwood
    March 23: Daywalkers II at Greystone Rooftop | Phoenix, AZ
    April 6: Almost Famous 

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Damon Sharpe X AXON X Tima Dee Drop Latin Tech House Single, “Casa De Techa”

    Blak’d Out Records recently unveiled ‘DISRESPECT,’ a high-energy dubstep anthem featuring none other than Cam’ron from Dipset, the brainchild of the industry luminaries Bobby Blakdout, Hekler, and Gladez.
    In ‘DISRESPECT,’ you’re treated to an adrenaline-fueled sonic journey, characterized by pulsating basslines, electrifying drops, and infectious energy. With early previews drawing comparisons to iconic collaborations like Skrillex and Rick Ross’s “Purple Lamborghini,””DISRESPECT” truly lives up to the hype.
    Listen below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Bobby Blakdout, Hekler & Gladez Call Upon Cam’ron For Explosive Dubstep Anthem ‘DISRESPECT’

    Rohaan’s always had an air of mystique around him. Even back to his early days in the experimental trap and deep bass worlds, releasing on MAD ZOO and Deadbeats. His style has that indistinguishable quality that the likes of IMANU, Current Value and Amon Tobin have which certainly transcends genre, but also seems to transcend space and time. A powerful manifestor as well as a creator of some of the most interesting beats of the last seven years, it seems inevitable that he would eventually release on VISION.
    With his genreless take on deep bass, Rohaan’s first release with the Noisia boys was actually on their erstwhile “miscellaneous bass” label, Division. He made a funky, loud dubstep remix of Tek Genesis’s “Cloud Kingdom Theme” that seemed like a departure even from his own diverse style. But if we’ve come to expect anything from Rohaan, it’s the unexpected. His debut EP, Boy In A Dream, which came out earlier this month on VISION is certainly that. Containing everything from techy, clubby D&B that defies subgenre to ameny almost jungle to video game halftime to techno-infused bass house, fans shouldn’t be surprised if there were samples from an actual kitchen sink thrown in there just to make a point.
    Because of the diversity (even for Rohaan) of this EP, YEDM wanted to catch up with the Manchester-based artist to find out how the hell this extremely interesting piece of work came together. The takeaway? It’s a love letter to the club. Rohaan’s advice for making D&B? Don’t listen to D&B. Read on.
    Let’s start with the tagline VISION used in your promo: “2 years ago I wrote ‘Vision Recordings’ on a note and stuck it to my bedroom wall…and now here we are.” What does reaching this goal mean to you? 
    So, I write four key goals on a note each year. These are usually written at a time where that goal is in my line of sight but very far away. So, to be here, EP made and released, it’s a wonderful career-affirming place to be. I have looked up to VISION since I was at school studying music, my best friends and peers all love the label, so it’s definitely a wonderful place to be knowing my sound fits the bill!  
    Some fans might actually be surprised to learn that Boy In a Dream is your Vision debut EP, as your sound’s always seemed well-suited to the label, especially in recent years. Why do you think now is the right time or what do you think made this EP stand out to them? 
    I’ve had multiple releases with them in the past, doing three remixes for the likes of Noisia, The Upbeats and Icicle, then a collab single with Tom Finster. This is my debut solo release with them. We actually started working on the idea of an EP back in September 2022, so it’s been a long process of many demos and many weeks of refining my sound to get here. Very excited to bring it to life.  
    It seems clear on the EP that you didn’t necessarily have a specific label in mind; how did you go about putting it together, especially in terms of all the styles?  
    In terms of this release, we had many conversations with VISION to refine the huge demo list and get them to the final 6 that you hear today. Some of these were just fun things I started, others were specifically made for VISION, so it varies. My style and sound are quite eclectic, so I wanted to showcase that in this EP.  
    While a lot of fans think you hit the bigs somewhat suddenly with Shogun, prior to that, you released on some excellent cutting-edge imprints like Deadbeats, Mad Zoo and Unchained. How do you think your experience working with the more twisted beats labels shaped your style when it began to get more popular? 
    With each release, I’m learning and evolving, both through external life experience and seeing the response to my music from fans’ point of view. My style has definitely evolved into two parts. Pop/more stream friendly, and club music. My recent single “Run Away” with Kelbin is a great example of the pop side. My Boy in a Dream EP is a great example of my club influences. It’s been amazing to see my name and my homies names gain so much traction the last few years. That we can actually host headline shows and make music for a living is wonderful thing.  
    In terms of style, from do you feel you take the most influence? Did you really focus on curating your style in the beginning or was it more hit and miss? 
    I have a Patreon page where I posted a video recently about “how to find your sound and create something original.” I talk about the importance of expanding your creative inputs and horizons and the career-shifting results that will have in the long run. I’m passionate about that for sure.  
    All your previous EPs have been, despite the complexity and diversity of the sound, honed around a specific concept. Were you thinking concept EP for Boy In a Dream? If so, what was it? 
    To be honest, this is more of a collection of club leaning-tunes. No deep story with this one. Each track is its own world, its own universe for people to explore. My Bleach EP was a true story-driven EP, but this one felt great to just give it all to the club scene. I have been on tour for the best part of a year and a half now, all over the world, so my input is mostly club music and energy leaning that way, hence the output of this EP. I’m a boy living his dream 
    Each individual track seems to be its own mini theme or concept within the EP. How do you go about putting a vibe together for a track? What was your goal for some of your favorites on the EP? 
    I really try to say one thing through a track and say it the best I can. So each track is a refined version of its demo self. Each track has a clear theme from start to finish and says it the best I could get it to say it with my current creative self. Each track serves a different purpose.  
    Conceptualizing aside, do you think fans will be able to recognize the vein of your style that runs through all the tracks? 
    It’s not something that I think about really. It’s all got the Rohaan name on it, it’s a more refined version of my sound and gives them a taste of it all. If they come to a show of mine they will see the full extent of my style come through  
    What do you want listeners to take away from the EP as a whole? 
    I want them to play it as loud as they possibly can and to as many people as possible. This EP is for the club and the house party, so enjoy! 
    Anything else exciting on the horizon? What can fans expect next from you (aside from the unexpected)? 
    Many a thing! I’m just about to finish my 4four-week North American Tour, and I have loads of singles already lined up for this year. I’m playing Tomorrowland, Lightning in a Bottle and some more huge festivals that I can’t say just yet. But what a journey so far! I’m so grateful and full of gratitude for every person that reaches out about my music. I just got gifted a watch in NYC! So I’m just taking it all in, really. 
    Thank you for having me and be sure to come to one of my upcoming shows. They are special!  
    Boy In a Dream is out now on VISION and can be streamed on Spotify or purchased on Beatport.
    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Q&A: Rohaan, Like His New EP, Is Just a ‘Boy In a Dream’ [VISION]

    scarlet veil is truly a visionary electronic duo, consisting of Brandi Overstreet and Jerrod Tyler. Together, they have developed a spellbinding allure since their start and today have released their new single “Strings”.
    With an entrancing introduction, “Strings” explodes into an uptempo, ethereal dance tune, captivating the senses from start to finish. This track serves as the third teaser from their upcoming album, Every Fantasy, which promises a captivating exploration of imagination and allure. “Strings” ventures beyond their established fantasy motifs to delve into themes ranging from science and science-fiction to personal aspirations and dreams. With “Strings,” scarlet veil invites listeners on a journey of discovery and exploration.
    Brandi sheds light on the track’s inspiration, stating, “‘Strings’ started out with the intention of creating a more upbeat track that brought some more energy. The lead synth reminded us of the X-Files and it was written around the time when all of the UFO excitement was playing out, during the congressional hearings, the tic tac video, and secret records speculation. The collective craziness of that time bled into what we were doing and loosely inspired the direction.”
    Listen below!
    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: scarlet veil Releases Mesmerizing Wave Single “Strings”

    Rich Delinquent has been making waves across the pop and electronic spectrum for some time now. He’s an elite artist, handling songwriting, vocals, and production on all of his songs as he’s carved out an impressive niche for his sound among his global fan base who he refers to as ‘Delinquents’.
    After releasing a string of singles such as “Chica Diablo” and “Speak Up“, Rich Delinquent revealed they were part of a larger EP that would feature two additional songs, ‘Here’s To Dystopia’, out today and may be his best work yet.
    The EP begins with its title track, which features Riley and delves into the haunting themes of societal disillusionment and the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on mental health. “Stop, society has let us down. Stop medicating until we drown. I will only sabotage myself… Here’s to dystopia, we’re in control of ya.” Rich Delinquent fearlessly calls out the issues plaguing society and the detrimental effects of overmedication.
    Concluding the EP is the infectious pop anthem “Where’s the Exit,” a joint effort with the emerging Australian band Lakelend. Exploring themes of longing, irresistible desires, and the precariousness of falling in love, the track is characterized by its captivating pop beat and moody melodies.
    Listen below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Rich Delinquent Returns With Simmering Emotronic ‘Here’s To Dystopia’ EP

    YEDM introduced K4LT as a new artist in July 2023, with his pensive, ambient track called “LCPD”. It was a follow-up to his first EP, Endgame, and was two years in the making as well as a departure from his original style. Now focused more on electronic production, “LCPD” has seen an intriguing amount of buzz, both from the industry and fans. Audiences are put on notice, however, not to settle into the dreamy, celestial vibe of “LCPD”. A very different mood is incoming with K4lT’s latest track, “This Room (Reprise)”.
    The Belin-based K4LT, whose artist name is a stylized version of the German word “kalt” (trans. “cold” in English), has said his new rash of songs is a reflection of the isolation created by the COVID lockdowns and the struggle of people even now to remember how to socialize. “This Room,” released early this month, with its pseudo-goth synth styling, relentless, quick-paced beat and the ennui and anxiety heavy in the lyrics, gives a disturbingly accurate picture of what many people are experiencing post-pandemic.
    “This Room (Reprise)” is also meant to be throwback to a song of the same name by The Notwist, one of K4LT’s biggest influences. This is not a remix or a cover, but a complete re-imagining of the track, as The Notwist’s original is more directly shoegaze and post punk with some interesting vintage and experimental interludes, which might remind some fans of mid-era Radiohead or Death Cab for Cutie merging with Venetian Snares. Refreshingly honest about naming his influences and inspirations, K4LT’s version is both a continuation of the original tone of the track and a reversal. Where The Notwist’s original is soft, vulnerable and largely rock-based, K4LT’s reprise semi-industrial and itchy, pacing, impatient, bordering on frustrated. A contrary statement to the original, but no less impactful.
    Perhaps “This Room (Reprise)” meant to show the difference in the way we manage relationships and interact with each other since the lockdown. Rather than focusing on a relationship and where it’s going, we’re constantly looking outward whilst staying inward, not satisfied but not willing to do anything about it. A tech-driven futility and an inability to process emotions through relationships – or even at all – stamps this track. That itch is there though, K4LT warns, and it’s ready to break the surface, the portends of the last line repeated before the song cuts off: “…up to interfere; up to interfere.”
    “This Room (Reprise)” is out now and available to stream along with K4LT’s other works on Spotify. They can also be purchased on Bandcamp.
    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: New K4LT Track ‘This Room (Reprise)’ Pays Homage to Artist’s Muse

    ZUSO, spearheaded by Australian producer Gabriel Cuenca, is carving out an exciting niche in atmospheric house music that has begun to garner him a global fanbase. In October 2023, Gabriel teamed up with the Sydney-based collective LOVE CLVB for the release of his single ‘Hold Me.’ The track quickly garnered widespread acclaim, capturing the ears of music enthusiasts and tastemakers globally.
    As he ventures into the new year, Gabriel recently unveiled his latest offering, the tranquil atmospheric piece titled ‘In The Dark.’ Featuring the ethereal vocal talents of Californian artist KORA, the track serves as another testament to ZUSO’s exceptional production prowess and distinctive style, expertly blending downtempo elements with a thumping liquid drum and bass groove.
    Listen below!
    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: ZUSO Releases Downtempo, Liquid DNB Single ‘In The Dark’

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