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    Tomorrowland, a name recognized all over the world for bringing together the best of the best acts in the electronic dance music scene. It’s a place where magic happens and where dreams turn into reality. Recently, the world-renowned festival has partnered with the iconic James Hype and Afrojack to elevate its Tomorrowland Academy experiences.
    If you’ve ever wondered “Who does this?” when witnessing James Hype’s jaw-dropping transitions, or finding yourself belting the lyrics to Afrojack’s ‘Ten Feet Tall’ and ‘Take Over Control’, then this recent announcement by Tomorrowland should be like music to your ears. 
    Recognized for fostering the opportunity to bring people’s visions to fruition, the Tomorrowland Academy has partnered with James Hype to bring to life the “From Beginner to Pro” masterclass. If you’ve ever wanted to learn what it’s like to mix like a ‘real DJ’ as James Hype is famously known for, then this is the course for you. Through a step-by-step guide, aspiring artists will be able to hone their mixing skills, learn viral DJ tricks that work on various setups and get a bit of that inside feel into what makes James Hype tick. His engaging and charismatic approach ensures that whether you’re a novice or a seasoned DJ, you’ll find plenty of “hype” to elevate your craft​.
    On the other hand, we have the Dutch megastar Afrojack bringing his own touch to Tomorrowland Academy through the inauguration of the Wall Pro Academy inspired by his label Wall Recordings. The course is comprehensive, covering 30 hours of content which includes every aspect of DJing and producing, in-depth tutorials on production, mixing mastering and even other aspects of this industry like marketing and management. Afrojack has experienced worldwide success not only on the mainstages but with his collaborations, thus, he brings his own experience to light through sharing trade secrets to success, offering personal coaching sessions and more. After this program, you’ll feel like you can touch the sky and walk ten feet tall!
    When combined, these classes promise to make Tomorrowland Academy the premier destination for aspiring producers and DJs. Aspiring DJ’s and producers will acquire the skills and knowledge required to excel on any stage by learning under two of the top professionals in the field. Are you prepared to fulfill your musical ambitions? Get started on your journey right now by visiting Tomorrowland Academy.

    Walkers, it’s time to unite once again as Alan Walker is taking the Walkerworld vision to new heights. In a recent Youtube video, the masked DJ/producer announced his latest creation: the Walkerworld Creator Games, designed to celebrate creativity and the power of the community. 
    “Over the years you have all blown me away with your creativity and passion. From incredible remixes to stunning fanart. Your contributions have made the walker community what it is today”, said Alan Walker in the Youtube video. This is his way to give back to the fans who supported him from the faded days till present, the fans who have helped nurture the walker community and brought it to new levels. Thus, get ready for an explosive and exciting opening ceremony on June 22nd and watch the magic unfold.
    It is through the Walkerworld Creator Games that fans will be able to partake in a series of challenges set over the course of several months. Each challenge has been designed specifically with the idea of motivating creators worldwide, with the games being perceived as a platform for creators to share their inspired work with the hashtag #WCG24. What’s the catch of all this? Well, aside from having your work shown all over the world….4 lucky winners will be awarded $10,000 each! 
    As the Walkerworld Creator Games begin, don’t let your creativity remain “faded”. Echoing the lyrics, ‘Where are you now? Another dream, the monster’s running wild inside of me’, unleash your inner creativity and let it run free in the Walkerverse. Let’s show Alan Walker why we love him, his music and his vision so dearly and perhaps, you’ll end up being one of four lucky winners.. 
    For more information and to stay updated on the latest challenges and news, visit the Walkerworld website!

    For many, pressing play on the perfect playlist is just as important as lighting candles or dimming the lights before getting down and dirty. And electronic dance music is a powerful aphrodisiac, a new study by ZipHealth suggests.
    According to data from the US-based online pharmacy, EDM is the sixth most popular genre to listen to while having sex, falling behind hip-hop and R&B, among others. Of those who enjoy listening to electronic dance music while getting frisky, the most popular artists played during intimacy include deadmau5 and Hippie Sabotage.
    They also examined the top 10 artists across genres who were most popularly played while having sex. The Weeknd took the top spot, and other major contemporary artists to appear on the list include Lana Del Rey, Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift and Rihanna.
    The study's methodology was based on the analysis of over 11,000 Spotify playlists branded with sexual keywords and phrases like "making love," "BDSM," "freaky" and more. ZipHealth also surveyed over 1,000 Americans on their music listening habits during sex.
    So, could listening to music during sex actually be good for you? The research found that 68% of respondents who listen to music during intercourse experience reduced performance anxiety while 63% said it significantly increases the duration of sex. Those who listen to music during sex were also found to have intercourse more often and feel more satisfied with their sex lives when compared to those who don't.
    Music could also be an indicator of sexual preferences like kinks—people who listen to music during sex were 36% more likely to have a fetish than those who don't. The study also claimed one in three people who listen to EDM during intercourse have had sex in public.
    You can read the full ZipHealth study here.

    Just weeks after dropping their latest single ‘Hearts Up’, Luv Foundation UK and Ashley Paul are taking the track to the next level with a dynamic new music video and two exciting remixes. The song has already made a splash, reaching #1 on Ireland’s iTunes Dance Chart and gaining radio play from DJ S.K.T on Kiss FM and Christian Homan on RTE. With a visually stunning music video and remixes by Miami’s Robbie Rivera and BBC Introducing‘s “One to Watch” Lizzie Curious, ‘Hearts Up’ is set for even greater acclaim.

    The new music video adds a vibrant visual layer to ‘Hearts Up’, enhancing its energetic and uplifting vibe. The playful animations and dynamic visuals perfectly capture the essence of the deep house track, making it a compelling watch for both TV and online streaming audiences.
    Miami house music legend Robbie Rivera leads the remix effort, transforming ‘Hearts Up’ into a high-energy club anthem. Rivera‘s remix adds a fresh, pulsating twist while staying true to the original’s infectious spirit. This version has already garnered significant support, notably from StoneBridge on Sirius XM BPM.

    Adding to the remix lineup is renowned house artist Lizzie Curious, who brings her rave-ready energy to the track. Her remix infuses ‘Hearts Up’ with an electrifying hands-in-the-air vibe, providing a thrilling new dimension to the hit single.
    With these new elements, ‘Hearts Up’ is poised to continue its rise as a dance music favorite. The combination of an engaging music video and standout remixes ensures that the track will keep resonating with fans and attracting new listeners, solidifying its status in the dance music scene.
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    Following the success of his recent hit ‘Stay’, which recently exceeded 1 million streams on Spotify, Alber-K returns with a new single titled ‘Imperfect the Same’. This release sees the talented Belgian artist collaborating with vocalist Nino Lucarelli, further solidifying his reputation for producing standout tracks.

    At just 28, Alber-K has quickly made a name for himself in the Belgian electronic dance music scene. Known for his innovative style and deep passion for dance music, he has been dubbed a “musical prodigy” by industry experts. Starting his musical journey at the age of 15, Alber-K‘s experience and keen understanding of the music landscape shine through in his latest work.

    ‘Imperfect the Same’ is the first time Alber-K has teamed up with Nino Lucarelli, and the result is nothing short of impressive. Lucarelli, who has collaborated with notable artists such as KAAZE, Burak Yeter, Dubvision, and Raiden, brings his exceptional vocal talent and meaningful lyrics to the track, perfectly complementing Alber-K‘s instrumental production.
    “I like lyrics that call for happiness, that generate a positive feeling. My dearest wish behind this track is that the people who listen to it have a great summer,” Alber-K  commented.

    The single features a harmonious blend of organic and electronic elements, a hallmark of Alber-K‘s style. With catchy guitar riffs, a melodic violin, and infectious basslines, the song creates a lively groove that’s perfect for summer. ‘Imperfect the Same’ is poised to be a summer favorite, resonating with fans and new listeners alike.
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    In the quiet spaces between the iconic—and tormenting—performances, a new Avicii photobook unveils the soul of the musician who made the world dance.
    Unveiling a mosaic of memories, Avicii: The Life and Music of Tim Bergling includes "rare personal moments" from the life of the storied DJ and electronic dance music producer, who in 2018 tragically died by suicide at the age of 28.
    The photobook was developed in collaboration with the Tim Bergling Foundation, a charitable organization launched by Avicii's family in 2019 to fund research and develop preventative solutions for young people experiencing suicidal thoughts. All profits from the book will reportedly benefit the foundation.
    "We are proud to honor Tim with this book," Avicii's parents, Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén, said in a joint statement. "We keep hearing about how much he and his music have meant to people. We hope his fans will enjoy this photographic journey and the story of Tim."
    Avicii.Sean Eriksson
    "It makes me happy to see him happy," Bergling added in comments provided to the PA news agency. "We have very nice memories from his childhood and youth... At the same time, there is pain knowing the reality."
    The heartbreaking final moments of Avicii's life are revisited in a new documentary, Avicii: I'm Tim, which premiered over the weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival. The intimate film features never-before-heard interviews with the legendary DJ, who laments, among other trials and tribulations, his addiction to painkillers.
    "I haven’t seen the documentary, which has now showed at Tribeca, so I will build up the courage to see it," Bergling said when asked about the film.
    "[Avicii] was one of a kind," he added. "I hope he will be remembered for many years."
    The hardcover photobook contains 192 pages and costs $39.00. You can purchase a copy here.

    British DJ and producer Franky Wah is dealing with every artist’s worst fear after being robbed during a recent trip to Ibiza. In an emotional Instagram post, Wah shared that his bags containing “irreplaceable” items like music and his laptop were stolen from his car in the Jesus area of the island.
    The loss is absolutely devastating for the veteran artist who has built an acclaimed career over the past decade with releases on labels like Sasha’s Last Night on Earth and Anjunadeep.
    Franky Wah, who holds a residency for his Shen label at Ibiza’s Club Chinois, is offering a reward for any information related to retrieving his stolen goods. Friends and supporters flooded the comments offering sympathy and sharing their own similar horror stories of losing invaluable creative work.
    Always backup, backup and backup
    This heartbreaking situation underscores how crucial it is for musicians, producers, and creative professionals to take every possible precaution to protect their work. While the details of Wah’s case are still unclear, a few basic security measures could have prevented or minimized this catastrophic loss:
    Always use laptop tracking software and geolocalization to monitor your device’s whereabouts Routinely back up all files to an external hard drive and cloud storage Never leave valuables unattended, even for a short period of time Use encryption and password protection for sensitive files Our deepest sympathies go out to Franky Wah during this unimaginably difficult time.
    While he may never recover those “priceless” and “irreplaceable” musical works, we hope he can find some justice and closure.
    Any members of the music community with potential information about this robbery should contact Franky Wah directly through his Instagram.

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    The French production duo 2smile returns with a remix package of their chart topping release “Tribute To Frikkyo“. The original mix pays homage to the late DJ ‘Da Frikkyo,’ who was an influential figure in the Italian hard techno scene. The mix seamlessly blends exhilarating guitars and rich basslines with poignant sampled vocals from the legendary Fela Kuti which amplifies the vibe.

    The Ondawey Music bosses revisit this stand out single with 2 fantastic new remixes featuring Alex Fixman and a defined Afro Rework from the label heads themselves. Combining the hypnotic groove of the original, featuring a sub heavy bass and a chest pounding kick drum, Alex Fixman takes ‘Tribute To Frikkyo’ to a slightly darker territory with this Techno inspired, breakbeat infused reimagining that’s assured to hit heavy on the dancefloors across the world.
    Following in suit, 2smile showcase their inimitable production prowess with a striking Afro Rework of their original production. With its rhythmic beefy drum patterns paired with experimental guitar riffs that evolve throughout the piece, the Ondawey Music heads present an approach that is more direct than the original and leaves room for further experimentation with well-timed effects and overall groove.

    “Tribute To Frikkyo” has been a stand out track for the pair to date, earning the support of some of the industries biggest players including industry heavyweights such as Laurent Garnier, Terry Francis, Deer Jade, Mike Van Brugge, Paco Osuna, Steve Lawler, and Don Diablo.
    Following a string of successive releases on their growing Ondawey Music imprint, 2smile have been actively blending styles spanning across Melodic Techno, Tech House, and Afro House and showcasing dexterity with quality productions. With an Arsenal of over 100 unreleased tracks to date,and  fluidly mixing genres whilst incorporating elements of musical influences from across the world, 2smile’s consistent output of high calibre, club ready floor fillers combined with their abundant stage presence solidifies their position as one of the most exciting emerging acts to watch this year.

    Tribute To Frikkyo (The Remixes) 
    Out All Platforms 21/06/24
    Download / Stream https://wiseband.lnk.to/2smile-tribute-to-frikkyo-remixes
    Follow 2smile: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud
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    Today marks a momentous occasion for electronic music fans around the world as titan Charlotte de Witte announces her latest single, ‘How You Move,’ alongside plans for an epic NYC takeover next week. With a dynamic track set to release on June 20th, this revelation comes as the second teaser from her highly-anticipated ‘Roar’ EP. After year’s electrifying takeover, de Witte is gearing up for an even larger spectacle in the city that never sleeps.
    Charlotte de Witte is no stranger to making waves in the music industry. With her unique blend of techno and underground sounds, she has captured the hearts of fans globally. Her previous EP, ‘Overdrive,’ set the stage for what was to come, featuring a pop-up store at Extra Butter, two sold-out shows at Brooklyn Mirage, and a guerilla-style surprise performance that shut down Orchard Street in NYC. Now, as she prepares for her next chapter, de Witte is ready to deliver a high-octane experience for New Yorkers once again.
    This June, Charlotte de Witte will bring her signature KNTXT pop-up shop back to Extra Butter Lower East Side, promising exclusive merchandise, limited-run apparel, and unexpected live music experiences at every turn. The stage is set for a thrilling immersion that will unite loyal fans and new audiences alike, solidifying de Witte’s reign as a titan in the electronic music scene.
    The Unveiling of “How You Move”
    With the announcement of her latest single, ‘How You Move,’ Charlotte de Witte is giving fans a taste of what’s to come with her upcoming EP. The track exudes energy and power, showcasing de Witte’s unparalleled talent for crafting infectious beats that transcend genres. As the second reveal from her ‘Roar’ EP, ‘How You Move’ is a testament to de Witte’s evolution as an artist, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.
    “This has been such a fun track to make. It’s a high energy track containing all of the ingredients that I love the
    most: straightforward, engaging vocals and a powerful acid line. Show me how you move, how you get down!”
    As de Witte continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, ‘How You Move’ serves as a glimpse into the future of her artistry. With its infectious energy and undeniable groove, the track is sure to captivate audiences around the world, solidifying de Witte’s status as a trailblazer in the industry.
    The NYC Takeover: A High-Octane Immersion
    As Charlotte de Witte gears up for her second consecutive KNTXT pop-up shop at Extra Butter Lower East Side, the excitement is palpable. Opening on Friday, June 21, the pop-up promises a one-of-a-kind experience for fans and newcomers alike. From exclusive merchandise to limited-run apparel, attendees can expect a treasure trove of de Witte’s signature style and flair.
    But the KNTXT pop-up at Extra Butter is more than just a shopping experience—it’s a journey into the heart of de Witte’s musical universe. With unexpected live music experiences at every turn, attendees will be treated to a sensory overload that will leave them craving more. From surprise performances to interactive installations, the pop-up shop is a testament to de Witte’s commitment to immersing her fans in a world of sound and sensation.
    As de Witte’s NYC takeover unfolds, the city will come alive with the pulsating beats of her music, echoing through the streets and captivating audiences far and wide. With each note, de Witte will solidify her place as a titan in the electronic music scene, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of experiencing her magic firsthand. Get ready, New York—Charlotte de Witte is coming for you, and she’s bringing a high-octane immersion like no other.
    The post Charlotte de Witte: NYC Takeover and New Single ‘How You Move’ appeared first on EDMTunes.

    I’m Tim Premiers at Tribeca Film Festival – Revealing Avicii’s Dark Decline
    The two-hour-long documentary titled Avicii: I’m Tim, premiered June 9th at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.
    The film delves into Avicii’s swift ascent to stardom and the subsequent challenges he faced, including his battle with mental health and addiction issues.
    The documentary provides an intimate look at Avicii’s journey, featuring never-before-seen footage from his tours and behind-the-scenes moments that showcase his creative process. It also includes interviews with his close friends, family, and collaborators, who shed light on the complexities of his life and career.
    Through the narrative, the film paints a picture of a young, talented artist who was happier before the pressures of fame took a toll on his well-being. Despite his global success, Avicii struggled with the demands of his career and the impact it had on his quality of life. The documentary highlights his struggles with anxiety and the physical and emotional exhaustion that came with his relentless touring schedule.
    Managing partner Jesse Waits, of XS Las Vegas reveals in the film “…he was taking painkillers. I grew up with a family that did drugs, and I saw that when people do opiates, their eyes change. The pin, the little black parts of their eyes.”
    Avicii – I’m Tim is not just a tribute to his musical legacy. It is also a candid acknowledgment of the personal cost of fame and the importance of mental health awareness in the high-pressure music scene.
    The post Avicii Documentary Premieres at Tribeca Film Festival appeared first on EDMTunes.

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