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  • SAYMYNAME and Nitti Gritti Take Meme to Main Stage with “BING BONG”


    SAYMYNITTI has entered the chat. And their first project together is “BING BONG!

    SAYMYNAME and Nitti Gritti take one of the biggest viral memes in a minute and morph it into a track that you’ll hear at every bass house set. They’ve been teasing their crowds in the early summer with this attention grabber and now it’s finally out everywhere through Hard Records.

    On “BING BONG!”, the two producers make a four-to-the-floor sweat inducer while serving a vicious dollop of hardstyle-trap.  But to give it that extra “lmao” factor, they sample the popular “Coney Island Ski Club” video from Sidetalk that rocked the internet for months. In turn, SAYMYNITTI made an immediately recognizable festival anthem. But how did we get here?

    Both artists have been on a similar trajectory of sorts in the EDM landscape. SAYMYNAME has been pushing the boundaries of his signature hard-trap sound while navigating through newer and different genres like his collaborations with Lit Lords and Cara Hart. Meanwhile, Nitti Gritti continues to keep everyone guessing with what the sound of his next track is going to be. Is he going full dubstep like his latest collaboration with Shaquille O’Neal and IVORY or is he going into a house music vibe with a rising star like Surf Mesa?

    But that’s what makes this union so perfect. Both artists showcase a knack for crafting quality dance tracks. Pair that with their uncanny ability too switch up their tried-and-true formulas and still command main stage crowds clamoring for more, and you can see how SAYMYNITTI decided to have a little fun on their first outing.

    Make sure to check out “BING BONG!” by SAYMYNITTI below.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: SAYMYNAME and Nitti Gritti Take Meme to Main Stage with “BING BONG”

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