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  • Jvanz Drops New Single And Prepares For Debut NFT To Go Live To Auction This Thursday

    Riding high off the release of his brand new single “Reach Into Myself,” rising singer and songwriter Jvanz is now gearing up to release his very first NFT, with its auction going live this Thursday on his website. Powered by MoneGraph, Jvanz’s exclusive digital art piece aims to transcend the meaning of the song, while conveying the journey from darkness towards the light. As Jvanz reveals, 5% of the final NFT sale price will be donated to the charitable organization “1% For The Planet,” while the owner of the 1 of 1 digital artwork will also be given exclusive access to its behind-the-scenes creation, and be notified early when Jvanz is ready to drop his upcoming series of NFT collectibles.
    “I wanted there to be no face or features, just the light that represents beauty within a person, the magic of their soul. Most of us only fall for what we see at first sight. It takes a deeper look and reaching into yourself to really see the beauty within a person for who they truly are. I’ve realized one’s true beauty and energy lies within and sometimes we need to ‘reach into ourselves’ to find that,” explains the artist about the NFT.
    Jvanz’s “Reach Into Myself,” the single attached to the NFT drop, finds him combining house sensibilities with irresistible pop songwriting and vocal performances, while striving to look beyond someone’s appearance, and into their soul and character.

    As a successful independent artist, definitely Jvanz knows how to use all the readily available tools at hand in order to expand his reach and take his career to the next level. Jvanz started teaching himself how to sing while still in elementary school, uploading original songs and covers to YouTube, before teaming up with his longtime friend Mohammed to start the music platform MoJo, uploading trap soul freestyle videos on Instagram and achieving his first taste of success. Now, Jvanz has received praise from the likes of Lyrical Lemonade, Rolling Stone and many more, and it’s looking like sky is the limit for this young artist.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Jvanz Drops New Single And Prepares For Debut NFT To Go Live To Auction This Thursday

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