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  • Julian Jordan Talks Getting Back on the Road and New Music [Interview]


    The last time we spoke with Julian Jordan, I conducted a Zoom interview with him. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the return of live shows was still far off; and with that, the prospect of gathering with friends. A lot has changed since then; live shows are back full-send here in the US, many festivals and promoters are requiring proof of vaccination (or a negative test) to enter venues, and we’re finally able to meet in person again.

    Julian Jordan made his triumphant return to US soil last week, including a spectacular show at Hollywood’s iconic Avalon. He dropped an array of bangers including β€œOld Skool”, β€œHyper”, β€œWithout You” and his highly anticipated upcoming collab with Martin Garrix. We got to sit down with Julian and have a brief chat about getting back out on the road, creating energetic music without crowds, and post-pandemic struggles.

    Hey Julian! As always, it’s great to talk to you. How does it feel to be back out on the road, back here in the US?

    β€œTo be honest, great energy. The first booking I had was in Poland and I remember the energy it gave me to back on stage. And this year, really proud again to play music that you’ve been working on for a year-and-a-half. Yeah, the feeling was indescribable and right after that moment, I was like, okay, I definitely want to continue doing this. Then I did Romania, Israel, now I’m here. So, I’m still in that moment of full energy, I’m ready!”

    Over the past year-and-a-half, I feel like you’ve been putting out bangers, like club stuff. What makes you find the inspiration to put out that energetic music when there hasn’t been any crowds?

    β€œTo be honest, the first month I was really struggling with that, because it’s hard to imagine a crowd in your head. But, then I actually went back to where I started, and I started producing when I was 12. I was already making club music and festival music, even though I couldn’t go to clubs or festivals. So, I didn’t have any experience, but I just did, because I love club music and I love festival music. So, with that in mind, I started to make the music that I wanted to make, and that was the music that I’m playing in clubs as well. So, it’s not really about like, that you could play in in the club, but that you like it as well. You can vibe to it at home. So, that was what I kept in mind. I wanted to be able to play this for my friends or when I’m partying on my own. So, that’s just the mindset.”

    I know you got on the road, you did Creamfields, you and Martin debuted a new song. It’s so good to see you and Martin together. We can we expect to see that on the streaming platforms?

    β€œYeah, we work together a lot. And we have like a hundred projects, then there’s this one thing that really stands out, it’s like we have to finish this. And I remember Martijn called me, we had this track together, he was like, yo, listen up, I have this vocal from Tinie Tempah, and he was like, it fits perfectly on our track. We flew him over from the UK after two weeks and we just recorded it and then the track was done. So, it’s pretty sick. And then we tried it out on Creamfields, which the reaction was insane. Especially for a track that was made, like we just talked about, no shows at all, just imagination. So, to see it work so well live was actually very sick.”

    It must be nice to be back here in LA. Do you have any stand out places here or places you like to check out?

    β€œYeah, I wish I was here longer. I have to go to Boston tomorrow, and I was in San Francisco, but I took a few days off in San Francisco because I had to leave from the UK. And, because you don’t want to be in quarantine back in Holland, so I had to leave directly to here. So, I had like four days in San Fran, which were great. But, I didn’t have the time to check out stuff in LA. I really wanted to do that, but I had a great dinner tonight. So, yeah, let’s say I had really good dinner and I saw some stuff in San Francisco.”

    What can fans expect for the rest of the year? And where will we see you here in the US, any festivals or anything?

    β€œSo, we’re planning on doing more tours of the States, because this is one of the few places on earth you can visit to play music as a DJ. So, the plan is to be back here. I’m doing Boston tomorrow, then after that I’m doing Dallas and Houston. I think I’m going home, because I have to go to Asia. After Asia, we’re already looking at new dates in the US, so it’s still hectic. Then like one day before you go it gets cancelled because of new rules. So, it’s always a hard time to know if you’re actually going to do it. But, if it continues to be like this, I think it’s going to be all good.”

    Any words for the fans?

    β€œThanks so much for staying with me, especially during one and a half years of no partying and I’m finally ready to do it again. So, I hope you guys are ready too, and I’ll see you somewhere around the world soon. At a club or festival or something.”

    Check out Julian’s latest DJ Mag Top 100 set, to see what you’re missing out on.


    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Julian Jordan Talks Getting Back on the Road and New Music [Interview]

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