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  • Jason Ross Discusses His New Album “Atlas” Ahead of Hollywood Palladium Show [Interview]


    Following up his highly successful debut album 1000 Faces, melodic bass heavyweight Jason Ross is back with his second artist album, Atlas. Expanding on his previous achievements as a producer, Atlas is a new chapter that sees Jason Ross showing off his prolific skills as he drops melodic bass, dubstep and trance.

    On top of the album, Jason is kicking off a massive North America tour that will feature his biggest show to date at the Hollywood Palladium. We recently had a brief chat with Jason about his growth as an artist, what makes Atlas so special, his connection with his fans and his upcoming tour.

    Hey Jason! Thanks for chatting with us. First off, congratulations on “Atlas!” Tell us what this album means to you, what made you decide to record an album, and how you’ve evolved as a producer since “1000 Faces.”

    Thanks so much! This felt like the right time to focus on my next album as I felt like I had a lot to say with my music. I spent so much time during the pandemic learning and honing in on my production skills and I just felt like I had a lot to say with my music. This album is dedicated to the Atlas fam (hence the name) and is really to show my gratitude to my fans for being on this journey with me.

    You’re also about to play your biggest show yet at the Hollywood Palladium. What goes into planning a larger headlining show like that as opposed to a club show or being a name on a festival lineup? Also, what made the Palladium the perfect place to start the tour?

    I’m insanely excited about my upcoming tour, but yes, Palladium is definitely a special one. We are really building the show from the ground up and really want to give fans a unique experience not only through the music but visually. The lights, the visuals, everything is being created for this show and will be an experience that’s true to myself, the brand and my music.

    How was the recent show/ meet and greet at Academy? I feel like you’re an artist who makes a concerted effort to interact with the fanbase. What makes your fanbase so unique?

    The album release party in LA was such a cool experience! I do try to interact and be there for my fans as much as possible as I wouldn’t be here without them. It’s tough to put my finger on what makes my fanbase unique but I do see this sense of love and respect from them, especially at meetups and during my livestreams; their inclusiveness, excitement and positivity shines through. What I also love is their open-mindedness with the type of music I make and play out live. I have, of course, evolved my sound over the years, but my fans have stuck by my side and I admire and appreciate their trust in me.

    The last time I chatted with you was right before the Pandemic started. What did you do differently and what stayed the same for you while the world was shut down and there were no shows?

    What I did differently was livestream every single week for a couple of years 😅. What stayed the same was my love and drive to make the best music I can possibly make.

    It seems like shows and festivals have come back with a flourish lately. You’ve been on a ton of lineups lately as well. How does it feel for you to ramp back up touring and does it feel like things are back to normal out there to you?

    It feels great to ramp back up touring! I would say that things feel normal when I’m actually playing a show and connecting with the crowd. The traveling side can be tricky as there are just a few extra hoops to jump through, but honestly just to get out there and play live shows again makes it all worth it for me.

    Now that the album has been released and you’re going to be on tour for the next few months. Have you thought about what comes next for you as an artist?

    We have some exciting plans for 2023, but we’re really just focusing on making the Atlas tour the best possible tour it can be. I’ve never done a tour of this size and I’m really excited to showcase what the Atlas brand is all about.

    Any messages for the fans or advice for aspiring producers?

    Always stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to take risks!

    Get your tickets to Jason Ross’s Atlas Tour and check out his latest album as well.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Jason Ross Discusses His New Album “Atlas” Ahead of Hollywood Palladium Show [Interview]

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