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  • Gordo (pka Carnage) catching heat for playing over the sets of 2 closing DJs


    As long as DJs have been DJing, set times have (generally) been a thing. You have a predetermined time to play your set, you play out your final song, and the next DJ goes on. Sometimes it’s acceptable, if the other performers are okay with it, to go over a little bit, especially if it’s a headline club play and not a festival set. But to go hours over your time and cut the final two DJs of the night is basically unheard of.

    Cue Gordo, pka Carnage, who headlined Ministry of Sound this past Saturday. After his headline set, or rather, after he was scheduled to end, he apparently continued playing, cutting the closing sets of Waze and Essel who were scheduled to play after him.

    Headline DJ refused to come off last night and the 2 acts after him (me and another DJ) lost our sets. I’m over a decade of playing I’ve honestly never seen this level of entitlement or arrogance and I’ve DJed with way bigger (and better) artists.

    — Waze (@Waze_Music) September 18, 2022

    Essel ain’t holding back the info 😂 pic.twitter.com/iOol73XYnR

    — xB1ack0pp5x🏴‍☠️ (@xB1ack0pp5x) September 18, 2022

    Twitter responded overwhelmingly in support of the two who had their sets cut, in particular Essel who drove 10 hours for the set.

    twice i’ve had a headliner get my set shut down (in the side room) because i cleared his weak mainroom floor.
    multiple times i’ve been banished to a side room upon arrival, after being flown in / promo’d as a main room headliner.
    20 + years into this, some egos know no bounds.

    — SPEED OF SOUND (@reidspeed) September 18, 2022

    @GordoSZN a tad selfish of you, although most of you American dj’s/producers think you get to steal others playtime/airtime. Respect other artists you need to!! Just imagine you had your 1st opportunity ripped away by a selfish dj like yourself after a 5 hour trip? Greed man 🤬

    — Jammo (@JammoLad1) September 18, 2022

    All comes down to basic manners / which all come for free ! I’ve been taken aback. I have played with people like Kenny Dope, Armand Van Helden, Francois K, Kerri Chandler. Have never experienced this.

    — Waze (@Waze_Music) September 18, 2022

    At the end of the day, Waze doesn’t want MoS to catch any of the flak, and he and Essel are already in talks to play another night.

    They very kindly have. We are friends, and we have been in touch. It’s not their fault in all honesty; people seem to want to deflect and try to heap blame on them.

    — Waze (@Waze_Music) September 18, 2022


    Photo via Rukes.com

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Gordo (pka Carnage) catching heat for playing over the sets of 2 closing DJs

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