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  • Experience “Become”, the latest from the Brazilians Antdot and Meca together with Beacon Bloom


    Meca and Antdot have joined forces once again to bring a track that combines their unique talents and creates a powerful synergy between them. Their latest release, “Become,” is the product of a meaningful relationship built on mutual respect and connection.
    Their paths have been intertwined through music and a mutual admiration for each other’s work. It all started when Matheus Meca showed interest in Antdot’s tracks, incorporating them into his sets, and Antdot, a fan of Meca’s sets, quickly took notice.

    To solidify their friendship, the two artists began working together, which led to the release of “Let U Go” in February 2019. The collaboration was so successful that it caught the attention of notable figures in the industry such as Vintage Culture.

    As their connection grew stronger, they released several other works together, including “Anything” and “Sunshine” in 2019 and “Take Me Away” in 2020, which became their most successful track to date, with over 1 million plays on Spotify. In 2021, they released a follow-up with “Never Enough”

    Performing at clubs and festivals around the world and occasionally participating in each other’s sets, such as the Só Track Boa live with Vintage Culture during the pandemic and Rock In Rio in 2022, the two reconnected and realized they had many shared ideas to explore since their last collaboration. They invited Beacon Bloom, a group with a similar style to Antdot, to add vocals to the track, resulting in an authentic sound that only Meca and Antdot could create.

    “Become” is not only a musical partnership but also a friendship and affinity. The track was released under the Dawn Patrol Records label, recently joined by Antdot as a partner alongside Maz, which values artistic freedom and cultivates partnerships. The release marks a significant step in Antdot’s journey as he seeks new possibilities within the label.

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    Beacon Bloom

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Experience “Become”, the latest from the Brazilians Antdot and Meca together with Beacon Bloom

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