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  • Dubstep legends Emalkay, The Others, & Subscape unite on 8-track ‘Flashpoint’ EP


    As a genre, dubstep is no longer as critically maligned as it once was in the early 2010s. You can find influences in major pop songs and there are entire festivals, stage takeovers, and stadium tours featuring the now iconic sound. Of course, the sound has changed over the past decade. The slow, methodical burning of bass and drums that began the wave in the late 2000s has been replaced with quarter notes, heavily distorted bass, and, sometimes, pretty unimaginative design.

    There are still those who represent the old guard, namely, in this case, Emalkay, The Others, and Subscape. Each of them have been a part of the scene, creating waves, for the past 15 or more years. Only recently did they all come together on their first single, “Inside My Head.”

    “We thought it was a collaboration long overdue so we mashed out some beats together one day and before we knew it we eventually ended up with a huge body of work with this being one of our favourite tracks. We are thrilled to finally have it out there and on the legendary Deadbeats label too! We hope you enjoy it.’ – Emalkay

    Now, their complete Flashpoint EP is officially out via Deadbeats, featuring 8 tracks of legendary bass. It transports us back to the olde days, when the scene wasn’t quite as saturated, when innovation and new discoveries in design and arrangement were being made seemingly every month, and we all knew that 140 was the true BPM.

    Listen below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Dubstep legends Emalkay, The Others, & Subscape unite on 8-track ‘Flashpoint’ EP

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