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  • DJ Carlo Ratto’s Drops Fresh Pop Anthem ‘Talking To You’


    At first listen, Carlo Ratto’s latest drop may seem like just another cookie-cutter techno pop song. But upon closer inspection, there’s more to this track than meets the ear. The soaring piano chords and catchy vocals are reminiscent of early 2000s pop songs, while the powerful violin drops give the track a modern twist. In addition, the lyrics are both clever and relatable, making the song an instant earworm. Whether you’re looking for a feel-good summer anthem or a catchy tune to sing in the shower, Carlo Ratto’s latest drop is sure to please.

    DJ Carlo Ratto is known for his high-energy releases, and his latest track is no exception, “Talking to You” is a call to arms, a declaration that demands attention.

    Bouncing off the walls with a tightly wound reverb, colossal rolling kick drums bring a dense dominance to the release. The lead synth careens around the mix like a neon comet, leaving a sparkling trail of melody in its wake. This is audacious dance music that isn’t afraid to show its teeth. It’s the sound of an artist who knows exactly what he wants and isn't afraid to go for it. And we are all better for
    it. The result is a track that is sure to get any party started. So, if you’re looking for a new anthem to add to your playlist, be sure to check out DJ Carlo Ratto’s latest release.

    Ratto is the artist you want on the decks when you’re looking to get the party started. He’s got a well-earned reputation for getting crowds moving with his high-energy sets, and he knows how to read a room to keep the party going all night long. But it’s not just his dancing feet that make Ratto a top DJ – it’s also his carefully curated tracks. He has a knack for finding the perfect song to fit the mood, whether it’s a hands-in-the-air anthem or a slow jam to get people close on the dance floor. If you’re looking for an artist who knows how to get people
    moving, Ratto is your man.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: DJ Carlo Ratto’s Drops Fresh Pop Anthem ‘Talking To You’

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