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  • Celebrate the ‘New Moon’ With Finnish Celestial Trip Hop Artist GEA [Video]


    Finnish vocalist and songwriter GEA’s musical path has been an interesting one. Her unique, angelic-toned soprano and Scandinavian folk composition surprisingly go with a wide range of modern, mostly EDM genres, and she’s tried nearly all of them since YEDM first got wind of her with her Butterflies LP in 2017. While she classifies herself as an “elven trip hop” artist, GEA also skirts the lines between classical music, pop, synthwave, and various forms of EDM. When we last covered GEA, her politically-inspired “Truth Between the Lies” single even flirted with industrial. Now with her latest single “Uusikuu,” GEA’s back firmly in trip hop territory.

    “Truth Between the Lies” was part of a larger album called Call for a Snake, released in 2021 and for GEA, marked a much more aggressive EDM period in her work. Clearly affected by the turmoil of COVID and political issues of that time, when the music wasn’t necessarily heavy, the subject matter covered in this album certainly was. GEA used loads of different styles and genres to create Call for a Snake, all the while still mindful of her connection to nature and using her celestial vocals to lift up the message.

    Now, after some excellent remixes from Call for a Snake, “Uusikuu” is GEA’s first new single of 2022 and she is back on that ethereal/trip hop mélange she does so well. Translating to “new moon,” “Uusikuu” sees GEA singing in her native language, in the high-pitched folk style of her ancestors, grounded by the bass-heavy beat while ambient sound work connects moon and earth. The synth work and sound design on this track also really shows GEA’s musical evolution and likely the skills she picked up working on Call for a Snake. Where she used to use more classical music to fill in gaps, here she plays with intricate syncopation and loads of electronic ambients. Sonically stunning and effortlessly balanced, “Uusikuu” might actually be the perfect example thus far of GEA’s style and the melding of musical worlds she works to achieve.

    GEA’s also released an equally beautiful video for “Uusikuu” which drives home the afore-mentioned musical goal for GEA. Toggling between depictions of modern life in Finland with its beautiful nature as a backdrop and dancers finding joy within that modern world. As the video progresses, GEA herself seems to be a connection between the earthly and spiritual, transmuting from human to spirit communicator to possible the moon herself. It’s a glimpse into and a wonderful celebration of the Finnish lore and spirituality through music and dance.

    There’s really no telling where GEA will go from here with her next releases. In her relatively short discography, the champion of Scandinavian art has run the gamut of styles and genres, and she’s likely not done yet. “Uusikuu” does, however, represent a turning point for the Finnish artist in both quality and style: the perfect marriage of electronic and folk, modern and ancient, earthly and celestial has been achieved.

    “Uusikuu” is out now and can be streamed on Spotify. Check out GEA’s YouTube channel for more stunning videos.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Celebrate the ‘New Moon’ With Finnish Celestial Trip Hop Artist GEA [Video]

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