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  • Audien Discusses New Single “Wish It Was You”, Return To Prog House Roots, & More [Interview]


    Audien has had fans buzzing with excitement over his latest single “Wish It Was You” that saw the young and immensely talented artist returning to his blissful progressive house roots. We recently had the chance to talk with Audien about his latest single, his epic Summer 2021 mix, and where his sound is heading. Enjoy!

    We love your new Summer 2021 mix. How has the response been for you with your fans?

    Audien: The response was amazing, fans love mixes. They love it because they can put it on at the gym, in their car on long drives. Personally I love mixes too, so I started doing these every summer and winter.

    Tell us about your new single “Wish It Was You”. How did you and Cate Downey find each other? Had this been in the works for some time?

    Audien: Honestly, I was sent some of Cate’s work and that song really really resonated with me. I took it and ran with it. Working with her was so amazing because she let me be me and allowed me to take it in a direction she may have not originally wanted. Glad we did!

    We’ve heard your sound float between the dance pop and tropical genres with your previous singles. “Wish It Was You” and your summer mix definitely is reminiscent of your progressive house and trance roots. Is this sound something we can expect to hear more from you this year?

    Audien: This is the beginning of a trilogy of songs that will be progressive house. That style has been my most consistent sound and I decided I’m going to be really honing in on it and modernizing that. This is exactly what to expect, but I’ll always throw some left fielders in there.

    Are there any artists that are really inspiring you right now?

    Audien: Honestly, I’ve been listening to older music lately. Just anything from 2012-15.

    Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

    Audien: Progressive House never died. Love you!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Audien Discusses New Single “Wish It Was You”, Return To Prog House Roots, & More [Interview]

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