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  • 1tbsp Releases Sensational 4-track EP ‘Joan’


    1tbsp is a side-project by Australian artist Maxwell Byrne (aka Golden Vessel), who has developed an addictive sound around this project. Over the last few weeks, 1tbsp released three new singles – Joan // 2007 // Seasons (feat. Squidgenini) – while also making promise of a new four-track ep titled ‘Joan’ coming our way very soon. 

    Well, that promise has been fulfilled, as the ‘Joan‘ EP is beautiful, mesmeric experience from start to finish. His sampling is so precise and unique, part of what makes his music stand out so much. The newest addition to the EP is “Castillo“, a thumping deep house song packed with dazed melodies and hypnotic grooves.

    Here’s what 1tbsp had to say about it:

    “This EP is a response to the experiences I had throwing a club night in Brisbane last year, as well as my personal tastes expanding through a lot of DJing.

    I hosted “Sumoclic Night” with my friend Connor on a monthly basis throughout 2021, mostly operating at 50% capacity (due to covid restrictions) and also managing to dodge all the lockdowns.

    Through that DJing experience and listening to what other DJs from Brisbane were playing, I became more interested in dance music from across the world and inspired to create more eclectic sets of my own. I really wanted to make some music that I felt could fit what I was playing at those events and that’s where a lot of the ideas on this ep came from.” 

    Listen below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: 1tbsp Releases Sensational 4-track EP ‘Joan’

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