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  • Your EDM Premiere: VALE to Drop a Far-Reaching Bass Music Compilation With ‘Global Extraction’ Series


    Since its inception in 2018, the stateside experimental bass music label VALE has stated itself as a collective of fans more than a traditional imprint, and thus they have also become known for putting out a lot of compilation albums (the name stands for Various Artists, Limitless Potential, after all). Luckily, due to amazing A&R curation and impeccable taste, every one has been more innovative, technically clean and just plain impressive than the last. If the first tracks of their new Global Extraction compilation series are anything to go by, it will be no exception to that rule.

    As the name implies, the Global Extraction series sees VALE’s team searching for new artists and compiling tracks from every corner of the globe. It’s a novel concept for US bass labels, especially those of the D&B variety, who usually stick to stateside artists. VALE is releasing the first volume of Global Extraction track by track and thus far from the tracks that have already been dropped on the label’s Soundcloud include artists from the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Seattle and now, with this premiere, Perth, Australia.

    Bold Theory aren’t completely green; Hybris and his Pseudoscience label snapped him up last year for a breakout and criminally under-appreciated EP called Zero Approach last year, and before that he was featured on fellow Perthian Dead Zodiac’s ProtoCode Music both on compilation and with his own stand-alone tracks. Now, having hit VALE with his eerie, rolling minimalist D&B track “Never Safe,” Bold Theory has completed the trifecta of cool experimental labels.

    Beat-wise, “Never Safe” is quite sparse and, while a danceable and bubbly track in the way it moves, is heavy on the ambient sound design to make its main points. It must have been a killer to make, between the two sets of snappy, opposing snares, the sine wave ornamental synth cutouts that punctuate every phrase, the creepy vox sample and the background ambient work, there’s genuinely no escape from the sound bomb that is this track. All these elements make the listener feel like they’re in orbit of a black hole after an intergalactic trial of some sort, awaiting their sentence of spaghettification. It’s everything you want in a D&B track, so here’s hoping fans catch on this time.

    There’s lots more to come on Global Extraction vol. 1, including a track by rising D&B star Wayes and an absolute crusher from VALE darling and recent NËU alum, Result. The extensive global A&R campaign certainly paid off for VALE on this new compilation series. Here’s hoping it continues to get all this Various Artists and Limitless Expression out to the masses.
    Global Extraction vol. 1 will be out in full by November 8, and “Never Safe” will be released on its own and purchasable this Thursday, October 14. To hear all the tracks released thus far as well as a teaser mix and to stay up to date on the forthcoming tracks, click here.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: VALE to Drop a Far-Reaching Bass Music Compilation With ‘Global Extraction’ Series

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