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  • Mrronwright Releases Energetic Single “Together”


    Artist Mrronwright captures self-realization on the passionate track “Together,” led by his sweet and heartfelt vocals laid upon bouncy instrumentation. A track that captures the moments in which you find your bad habits returning to the surface yet fighting against to win control yourself, the empowering number is infused with freshness and a boost of feel-good energy.
    Having crafted a vibrant artistry nestled between Melodic and hip-hop, Mrron who started making music in 2010 has never tried to fit in with his genre-hopping music. After pulling us in with the genreless flow of each of his releases right up till his 2022 studio album me , there’s plenty more potential yet to be tapped from this talent. Constantly evolving and maturing while always reflecting the deepest thoughts within him through his infectious sonics, Mrron continues to be on the rise as one of the most exciting emerging stars.

    Throughout, “Together” explores beats, and powerful bass lines alongside impressive vocals and synths. The experimental element throughout this track, made through synthesized vocals and guitars all create a unique feeling of content, which is also warming. With a steady intro of soft vocals and arpeggiated guitars, “Together” carries out a development of powerful sounds and building electronic sonics.

    Mrron wrote ‘Together’ when he was trapped and immersed in a dark mental state, and the only thing that got him through those draining times was music, which is what he is renowned for. Mrronwright plans on releasing a dance-inspired project, after hearing “Honestly, Nevermind” by Drake, it opened his eyes to a whole new world of music. Mrron has always listened to house music but was nervous to dibble in the genre due to him being a rapper.

    Keep an eye and ear out for MRRONWRIGHT.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Mrronwright Releases Energetic Single “Together”

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