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  • Matrino Joins Forces With Maciel For “Feel Like That” Featuring SIAS


    Based in San Francisco, rising house talent Matrino has returned with a truly exciting house anthem, teaming up with one of Latin America’s most acclaimed dance music artists, Maciel, as well as Detroit-based singing duo SIAS. The result of this exciting combination of talents is titled “Feel Like That,” and – to no surprise – it’s already taking over the electronic music world with 50k streams in its first week and more than 250k streams to date.

    Out via exciting label Loud Memory, “Feel Like That” masterfully combines the respective styles of all three acts, and offers immersive and infectious vibes. A tune made both for the radio and the dancefloor, “Feel Like That” is driven by warm basslines, groovy drums and smooth atmospheres, while SIAS’ intimate vocals take the arrangement to the next level.

    Read our interview with Matrino below:

    You just released your single “Get It” via Loud Memory. Talk to us a bit about how the track came about.

     Get It was something I finished in early 2021, after releasing a few collaborations I wanted to release a high-energy dance track and Get It was sitting in my files and it made sense to release the track. I’m very happy with how the track has done!

    You’ve collaborated with Maciel two times so far, on “Feel Like That” and “Only One.” How did you two connect, and do you have any more exciting tunes with him in the works?

     Me and Maciel have known eachother for quite some time now and we worked on things in the past but we never released anything. It wasn’t until we started working on Only One that we noticed that we had very similar workflows and that led to us working on Feel Like That, our chemistry and taste has helped us a ton! We definitely have some more projects in the works, stayed tuned for something huge soon!

    What do you look for when sourcing the right people to collaborate with? 

     I look for drive and vision. I look for people who are hungry to release something that is top-tier and someone who will sit down and stay locked in during production sessions but also, someone who has a strong desire to draw up a great marketing plan to make sure that the track performs well and reaches the masses.

    How did your love for music initially start? When did you decide to channel that love into music production?

     I have been around music my whole life, I was first exposed to dance music in 2015 and in 2016 I discovered artists such as Malaa, Tchami, and Julian Jordan to name a few. It was very natural for me to venture into dance music and grow my production skills, it wasn’t until 2020 that I decided what direction I wanted to take and the rest has fallen into place on its own.

    Where do you search for inspiration before sitting down to make music? 

     I love to listen to live sets, SoundCloud/Mixcloud mixes and absorb what I hear to drive the direction that I want to take in that particular session.

    What would you be doing if you weren’t a music producer?

     I would probably be working my way up in talent management, I love the dance music culture and scene and would still find a way to be a part of it.

    If you were able to have the best singing voice in the world, or be able to play every instrument perfectly, what would you choose?

     I would definitely want to have the best singing voice!

    What are your plans for 2022? Do you have any exciting collaborations in the works?

    I have plans to continue to release new music both collaborations/singles! I also have some shows in the works so I’m super stoked about that!

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

     I see myself in music 100%, I see myself touring and continuing to release music, I also see myself starting my own label, a dream of mine.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Matrino Joins Forces With Maciel For “Feel Like That” Featuring SIAS

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