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  • Kx5, Kaskade and deadmau5, share full set from historic, record-breaking Los Angeles Coliseum show


    Last December, Kx5 — Kaskade and deadmau5 — played an epic show at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the first electronic music show inside the venue since EDC was ousted from the city after 2010. (The Martinez Brothers played in the parking lot out front the previous month.)

    It is currently the largest single-day concert event headlined by an electronic music artist ever in North America. Despite the incredible amount of people who were lucky enough to secure tickets to the event, there are still hundreds of thousands who weren’t. Today, the full set from the Coliseum goes live on Apple Music, available in Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos.

    “The West Coast has always been my stomping ground—my home—when it comes to playing out. It was foundational in building the sound that I play all over the world. No place in Los Angeles encapsulates where that hardwiring was created more than the LA Memorial Coliseum. The structure, the location, the sky above it—all iconic. When deadmau5 and I were given the opportunity to be the first electronic music artists to play there, as Kx5, in over a decade, we knew we had to come correct and make it special. We put all we had into it, and I think it shows. Being able to release this set is a love letter to our audiences everywhere, but it’s signed by the people who were there 12.10.22.” —Kaskade

    “I share Ryan’s sentiment. The Coliseum was truly an epic show. Even the generator catching fire and putting a pause on everything made a moment. We are sparing you with that, though, and making up for it with this pristine recording. We have all the great tracks and edits from the night all tied up in a nice package.” —deadmau5

    Listen to the full set below!

    Photo via Brittany Teuber

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Kx5, Kaskade and deadmau5, share full set from historic, record-breaking Los Angeles Coliseum show

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