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  • Habstrakt releases debut album, “Heritage”


    Habstrakt has been a pillar of the bass community since the genre first boomed around 2014-2015. But, like all artists, his story begins years earlier as he rose in popularity with releases on Never Say Die, putting out three banger dubstep EPs from 2012-2013. In 2014, he put out his first single on Disciple, the newly minted (at the time) label from Rossy of Astronaut and Mediks and Rob from Dodge & Fuski.

    In 2015, he put out “Time” on his Cool Cats Never Die EP, the first track of his that might fit within the “bass house” genre. Later that year, he leaned into it more with My People. It wasn’t until 2017 with “I Wanna” with Jace Mek that he really began to be known as a “bass house artist.” Even then, his genre style carried with it years of experience and variety, bringing in elements of heavier bass and his French heritage.

    Here we are, six years later, and Heritage has become a banner for him and the title of his debut album. It’s a nod to his French roots and, likely, how far he’s come in this scene in an overall sense. His last EP was in 2016 with French Press on Never Say Die, and it’s been all singles from then until now.

    “From the heaviest to the deepest, I hope people will resonate with the album, and find their favorite record inside in the process,” said Habstrakt. “It’s a journey through the past, the present and the future of my vision.”

    The album showcases Habstrakt’s versatility as an artist, including different styles he has not shown before and ones that are not necessarily defined as a “dance floor banger.” Many of the tracks go against the grain of traditional electronic music, including ambient sounds with minimal lyrics, but still tell a complete story. From start to end, Heritage tells his journey as an artist, searching to find his sound in the EDM industry, and shows every aspect of Habstrakt’s current state of mind. 

    Listen below!

    Currently on his Heritage tour, Habstrakt has played in four countries in Europe and is set to play thirteen cities across the U.S., including The Midway in San Francisco and Soundcheck in Washington D.C. Current U.S. cities and dates below:

    March 24 – Philadelphia, PA
    March 25 – Minneapolis, MN
    March 31 – Honolulu, HI
    April 7 – Montreal, QC
    April 8 – Washington, DC
    April 14 – Phoenix, AZ
    April 15 – San Francisco, CA
    April 21 – Brooklyn, NY
    April 22 – Atlanta, GA
    April 23 – Dallas, TX
    April 30 – Cancun, MX
    May 5 – Portland, OR
    May 6 – Salt Lake, UT
    May 12 – Denver, CO
    May 13 – Albuquerque, NM
    May 28 – Tampa, FL

    For more information visit www.heritage2023.com


    Photo via Rukes.com

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Habstrakt releases debut album, “Heritage”

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