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  • Excision Bass Music Initiative Pledges $100K Among 10 Underrepresented Bass Music Artists


    While music production software and tools have become more accessible than ever before, money is still a significant barrier for entry into music as a full-time career for many aspiring producers. Whether it’s stable living conditions, or a separate job that takes time away from your true passion, financial freedom allows those who dream to create without worry.

    To that end, Excision is launching the Excision Bass Music Initiative. $100,000 will be divided amongst 10 β€œunderrepresented or underprivileged bass music artists” in order to give them a boost and a bit more financial freedom to use however they may need to get their career off the ground and onto the stage.

    Additionally, each applicant selected will receive rewards from each of the sponsors: KJ Sawka, Artists & Relations, Ableton, Mackie, Izotope, Arturia, Kilohearts, Nawtystep, Xfer Records, Presonus, Zynaptiq, Image Line, IK Multimedia, Eventide, Audeze, Reason, Mixed in Key, Subpac, D16 Group, Polyverse, Oeksound, XLN Audio, Loopcloud, Plugin Boutique, LoopMasters, Melda Production, Baby Audio, Sonarworks, Soundteams, Coolermaster, Reveal Sound and Cable Guys.

    β€œThe goal of this program is to elevate a select few highly talented, underrepresented and underprivileged Bass Music artists to give them the tools to take their careers to the next level,” explains the selection criteria on the Initiative’s website. β€œAt this time, brand new producers and producers who are not primarily focused on Bass Music will not be considered. We are looking for experienced artists who have already released music.”

    As for who will be chosen: β€œCandidates will be selected based on the strength of their music production skills and style, as well as a demonstrated need for funding and time to commit to a career in music.”

    You can read the official announcement below and get more details on the website here, official rules here.

    We’re proud to announce the Excision Bass Music Initiative! We’re funding $100,000 divided amongst 10 underrepresented or underprivileged Bass Music Artists, alongside a huge amount of gear from our sponsors, to help bolster their music careers. https://t.co/PUw5ewsBJk pic.twitter.com/WuRWqXF3Ev

    β€” Excision (@Excision) May 11, 2022


    Photo via Rukes.com

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Excision Bass Music Initiative Pledges $100K Among 10 Underrepresented Bass Music Artists

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