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  • Ex Medias Officially Launches & Drop 1st Compilation, ‘WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL I ‘


    Artist Collective Ex Medias just launched, embodying a powerful mission: to shine a light on underexposed artists and genres. Since its inception, it has expanded into a nation-wide collective with the mission of nurturing the growth of our artists to their fullest potential. They aim to foster community based on supporting one another, inspiring successful actions, and helping maintain the tried and true path each member is destined to be on with their career path. Founded by electronic music DJ/producer Able Grey, Ex Medias has made an exciting debut, showcasing 13 artists, with their first compilation album, ‘WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL I’.

    You may not have heard of any of the artists included, but the talent is unreal. Boasting ten tracks, the compilation album is powerful, emotive and truly sensational. A few stand out tracks include “See The Light” by JWILLI, a euphoric, melodic bass track that strikes perfection, balancing beautiful sounds and melodies with a blissful vocal. “Dream” by Meridian is future bass but with his own twist, entirely captivating with a futuristic vocal sample paired with a thundering drop.

    Goast adds a break to the tension with a tranquil, acoustic intro for “Hold On“. Juxtaposing the ambient verses with a electrifying future-inspired drop that slides in suddenly, the process repeats again, a testament to the talent of Goast as he shows what is possible and workable in terms of extreme energy levels being a true fit into one song.

    Overall, ‘WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL I’ is a fascinating album that is sure to leave you speechless by the end. Listen below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Ex Medias Officially Launches & Drop 1st Compilation, ‘WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL I ‘

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