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  • EMBRZ Drops Breathtaking Ballad, ‘Sleeptalking’ with Talented Emily Nance


    It’s rare you find music that truly moves you these days. Tracks are often too complicated and lack real raw emotion. Today, we have discovered a gem amongst the rough. We found this special track within the incredible debut Album, ‘Moments’ from EMBRZ and the track is entitled, ‘Sleep Talking’. Here you can hear real poetic lyricism, smooth and soft instrumental building to a soothing drop of pure harmony and emotice melody. This is a special track ready to make everyone miss a loved one or reconnect with an old love through the sometimes too real sleep talking we all experience. What a fantastic and deeply artistic concept so well executed in a track and musicianship. The incredible vocals and talent of Emily Nance matched perfectly with EMBRZ easy listening and signature sound.

    Commenting on this inspiring track EMBRZ states:

    ‘Given how isolated I was living by myself during lockdown, so much of this album is written about missing people and being frustrated by that. ‘Sleeptalking’ carries a lot of this, but with this sentiment of not really being understood or wasting your time trying to explain yourself.

    Lyrically, it seemed like an interesting angle to come from: what’s the point in even saying anything, I might as well be talking in my sleep.

    I think after a while, covid life left us all exhausted. Tired of the same conversations, tv shows, location… but mostly tired of trying to explain how we felt, even though deep down we really wanted to.’

    If you love this little taster, listen to this incredible album here also:

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: EMBRZ Drops Breathtaking Ballad, ‘Sleeptalking’ with Talented Emily Nance

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