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  •  Odd Mob & OMNOM (Hyperbeam) Unveil New EP ‘The Unexplained’


    HYPERBEAM are gearing up for the highly anticipated release of their EP, The Unexplained, out today via Insomniac Records. A 4-track release, this collaboration between Odd Mob and OMNOM is poised to make waves.

    Returning to Insomniac for their debut EP after a string of collaborations, the pair blends their signature cutting-edge styles, drawing from house, tech-house, and minimal influences, resulting in distinctly dark grooves and trippy atmospheric elements. Lead single ‘Okay Fine’
    lures listeners with seductive vocal samples while echoing synths create an ethereal ambiance, building up to a spellbinding breakdown.

    Ultimately, the track invites abandon to the night, urging listeners to revel in its intoxicating nocturnal embrace. The Unexplained also includes the club banger ‘All Day, All Night.’ With its famous sampling, the track delivers a glitchy, otherworldly submersion with high-tempo dynamism. Echoing spoken vocals capture the awe of continuous revelry, backed by dark grooves, and weighty
    basslines, immersing listeners in an indulgent journey.

    Rounding out the EP are ‘Reading My Mind’ (feat. Sarah de Warren) and ‘Mind Awake, Body Asleep.’ The former is an invigorating anthem with de Warren’s vocals urging listeners to “Turn up the volume, turn out the lights .” High-paced beats and powerful drops create an
    urgent, pulse-pounding atmosphere. ‘Mind Awake, Body Asleep’ is a bewitching techno venture with a captivating bassline, choppy breakdown, and relentless beat. Collectively, The Unexplained EP promises a multifaceted curation of electronic music’s boldest sounds,
    showcasing HYPERBEAM’s singular approach and pushing the boundaries of the genre.

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