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  1. Due to the growing numbers of Hidden Dimension, we we're unsuccessful in acquiring an outdoor event license due to Covid19. We had concerns from local authorities and communities, so a decision was made to postpone any upcoming outdoor events until further information is released by the UK government. The current world situation is affecting our industry with no news from local governments on when concerts/festivals can return. Although the ethos of Hidden Dimension is vibrant events at secret locations, our team is now working hard to organise a licensed event in a local venue (free entry for subscribers) to bring our followers together again. Safety of our followers and the rest of the country is paramount. Measures will be in place as set out by licensing requirements. When the government announces the return of concerts/festivals, we will be back with a bang. You will not be disappointed. We have been overwhelmed with messages of support from our amazing followers, we thank every single one of you! Especially the subscribers who signed up although we postponed the upcoming event. To any members who joined mid July you may have noticed a renewal for the 1st of every month. Due to the circumstances we have postponed renewals for one month. Some may have been charged for a renewal on 1st August, please do not panic as this will have been automatically refunded and will be returned to the card used within the next few days. If you would like to cancel your original subscription and receive a refund please reply asking to do so. Our team is also working delivery of goody-bags to our current subscribers. Your kind support and contribution gives our team confidence and positive energy to curate unforgettable events. We hope this message clears things up and we want to assure you we'll be working hard to make amazing memories with amazing people. Thank you again and see you soon... HD Team ❤️

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