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  2. Alex

    Flashback 90s

    Before the commercial boom of dance music in the 2000s and the 2010s, the 1990s were a formative time for the genre. While house and techno began percolating into the mainstream, dance music's burgeoning popularity also saw new styles such as trance, drum and bass and others find their footing. Here, we're highlighting some of the decade's most memorable songs that helped carry dance music forward and shape what it's become today. Hasta la vista, baby.
  3. Alex

    Demo Event

    The best demo ever
  4. Alex


    πŸ„ 🍹 🍻 πŸ—ΊοΈ πŸš™ ✈️ 🌞 πŸŽ‰
  5. Alex

    313.FM Takeover

    Every Friday 313.FM takes over RaveLink Radio with our very own @Tiorted 313.FM is Detroit's Electronic Music Station, broadcasting for over 10 years 𝕙𝕠𝕨 π•₯𝕠 π•π•šπ•€π•₯π•–π•Ÿ
  6. trentΒ arnold is a donkey

  7. Trent Arnold is a donkey

  8. David Morales SUNDAY MASS - 04/04/21
  9. Ravebot

    PPV Demo

    Looking to host your own PPV event? Contact us for more info.
  10. Alex


    [dorksided melodic/techno/bass] YASI AFTER DARK (* οΏ£οΈΏοΏ£)
  11. Live from TV Lounge with Special Guest DJs
  13. Alex

    Early Hour Power

    Every weekday between midnight and 6am you can hear tracks from all of our favourite genres.
  14. As we are now actively holding events and planning future large events, we will now restart taking payments for the monthly subscription. You will remember we offered a free month due to our 1st August event being cancelled. Any passes purchased in July will now be spent as we hosted a subscriber-only event in August. Also, we now have many more socially distant events planned for 2020. We cannot wait to return to our large events. As lockdown eases thought most parts of the country, we are waiting for the go-head from the government to relieve the reduced capacity regulations. As soon as we allowed to host a large event, we promise to deliver unforgettable events like we had before lockdown. We have also changed the subscription, so it is 1 subscription per person. Subscribers will still be able to purchase multiple tickets for future events as a lead booking. To qualify for your own perks, followers should purchase their own subscription. Your continued support thought this lockdown period has been overwhelming. Thank you for contributions and wonderful comments, and we hope to see you again soon. HD Team
  15. We have a surprise event this weekend FRIDAY 21ST AUGUST Although we are still planning another outdoor event for this summer, we have the opportunity to host a reunion party for our subscribers. There is a limited capacity at this venue so we'll be offering our subscribers an opportunity to get on the guestlist. You will need an active subscription to register and it will be a first come first served basis. We know it's short notice but if you can't attend don't panic as we are still planning another socially distant outdoor event for this summer. Limited capacity isn't ideal and it's not how we want our events but we have no choice during this pandemic. This is simply a free party this weekend especially for our faithful subscribers. Like we said in our last update until our government lifts the lockdown restrictions, we can't get a large outdoor event license to expand the size of our events. Hopefully, we can return to the fields as soon as possible but until then we can't take unnecessary risks that could kill our dreams. We are working the best we can to bring the Hidden Dimension family back together again. Just to let you know due to the current pandemic both us and the venue will be operating a Track and Track service. When you registered your account here you we're asked for your full name and telephone number. If we need to contact you regarding coronavirus, we will use these details. So we might see you this friday, or maybe at our end of summer party or maybe in a cave, tunnel, forest, warehou......Secret location 😏 REGISTER FOR 21ST AUGUST (active subscriptions only) Stay safe and see you soon, Hidden Dimension
  16. Due to the growing numbers of Hidden Dimension, we we're unsuccessful in acquiring an outdoor event license due to Covid19. We had concerns from local authorities and communities, so a decision was made to postpone any upcoming outdoor events until further information is released by the UK government. The current world situation is affecting our industry with no news from local governments on when concerts/festivals can return. Although the ethos of Hidden Dimension is vibrant events at secret locations, our team is now working hard to organise a licensed event in a local venue (free entry for subscribers) to bring our followers together again. Safety of our followers and the rest of the country is paramount. Measures will be in place as set out by licensing requirements. When the government announces the return of concerts/festivals, we will be back with a bang. You will not be disappointed. We have been overwhelmed with messages of support from our amazing followers, we thank every single one of you! Especially the subscribers who signed up although we postponed the upcoming event. To any members who joined mid July you may have noticed a renewal for the 1st of every month. Due to the circumstances we have postponed renewals for one month. Some may have been charged for a renewal on 1st August, please do not panic as this will have been automatically refunded and will be returned to the card used within the next few days. If you would like to cancel your original subscription and receive a refund please reply asking to do so. Our team is also working delivery of goody-bags to our current subscribers. Your kind support and contribution gives our team confidence and positive energy to curate unforgettable events. We hope this message clears things up and we want to assure you we'll be working hard to make amazing memories with amazing people. Thank you again and see you soon... HD Team ❀️
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