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  • Your EDM Premiere: Prepare for an ‘Adrenaline Rush’ With Manta’s New Single [Korsakov Music]


    Looking at Vienna-based artist Manta’s discography on Beatport, it may surprise some fans that he’s been producing for quite a while; since 2015. Those early tracks were sort of liquid/dancefloor crossover, but in 2017 he met up with Screamarts for two releases on Moshbit Records and T3K.

    It seems from there, Manta embraced the heavier end of dancefloor and it’s a good thing he did because that’s when the bigger labels started calling. Bad Taste was the first to pick him up in late 2018 for a rare EP called Ares featuring  old pal Screamarts and from there the likes of Zombie Cats’ DIASCOPE imprint, Mainframe, High Tea and even ProgRAM were quick to snap up tracks. Now, as fate would clearly dictate, crunchy dancefloor meets the crunchy dancefloor as Korsakov Music sets to release Manta’s next fun, scrambly set of single this Friday, June 10.

    There’s a lick of liquid remaining in both “Eternity” and “Adrenaline Rush,” so despite these power bangers being every bit the neuro/dancefloor crossover the Korsakov dancefloor goons love, Manta is still sticking somewhat to his melodic roots. “Eternity” features vocals from fellow up-and-comer Sazzles.exe which give it a charming early 2000s rave quality. The sound design on this track, however, is all 2022 big room energy. Cinematic and dramatic with no shortage of intense, neuro-style synths, “Eternity” will do well in multiple settings from the jumpy streets of Bristol to the squinty judgement of Czech neuro snobs at Let It Roll.

    B-side and our YEDM premiere today “Adrenaline Rush” with Austrian countryman Frank Lemon lives up to its name by being the more, well, adrenaline-y track of these two. The main structure is much harder than “Eternity” and the sound design much less forgiving so the tech-minded listener will be able to appreciate the nuts and bolts. It’s also much more neuro-forward, with fast snares, a hard drop and, of course, those crunchy, crunchy synths. There’s tiny melodic nods here in the intro and break, but as its name suggests, “Adrenaline Rush” is designed to get the listener’s pulse racing at 174 and keep it there. And so it does.

    It’s tough as a newer producer to straddle so many styles as Manta has done. With his clear affinity for melody and more high-range ambient flavor, going dark and dancey while retaining that melodic, almost celestial vibe was likely tricky at first. Now with “Eternity and “Adrenaline Rush,” however, it seems Manta has found his stride. Fans should look forward to enjoying these tracks on pretty much every festie stage this summer and to more well-balanced, multi-styled work from Manta.

    “Eternity”/”Adrenaline Rush” drop on Korsakov Music June 10. Check Beatport for purchase and save link soon.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Prepare for an ‘Adrenaline Rush’ With Manta’s New Single [Korsakov Music]

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