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  • Space Yacht & REAPER Team Up For First D&B Compilation, “Critical Mass Vol. 1”


    People can preach “20xx is the year of drum & bass” all they want, but actions speak louder than words. That being said, it does appear that those words are being manifested more than ever this year, at least in the US with Brownies & Lemonade’s debut DNBNL showcase, and now Space Yacht’s first drum & bass compilation, Critical Mass Vol. 1, curated half and half with REAPER.

    “The Critical Mass compilation is a glimpse into drum and bass’s momentous energy. One of my favorite parts about this diverse collection of music is that it can be enjoyed all the way from the warehouse to the stadium,” says REAPER.

    Space Yacht is a particularly apt platform for this sort of compilation. As part of the events world, Space Yacht has been tuned into bass music for over five years, speaking with REAPER in particular for most of that time, and fellow compilation signee and Play Me Records boss Reid Speed for just a bit longer. With the launch of the Space Yacht record label late last year, the timing was ripe. Hell, even LondonBridge, one of Space Yacht’s founders, has his roots in jungle from when he first learned to DJ.

    Critical Mass Vol. 1 features many artists who’ve played Space Yacht, and many who haven’t. As the compilation was curated 50% each by SY and REAPER, there’s a significant variety in sounds and artists who grace the project. REAPER teams up with Slang Dogs for the opening track, and Kumarion, Justin Hawkes (fka Flite), Slippy, Poni, and debut Space Yacht artist CLB all make an appearance on Critical Mass.

    Check out every delicious track below, and viva la Drum & Bass!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Space Yacht & REAPER Team Up For First D&B Compilation, “Critical Mass Vol. 1”

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