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  • Samantha XO is ranked Top 100 DJ in the World


    You may know of Samantha XO for being ranked top 100 DJ in the world. In addition to this, her
    looks are not hurting her. She was ranked number one sexiest DJ in the nation. But what really
    makes Samantha XO truly unique is her desire and intention to empower women everywhere.
    Fueled by this intention, she’s making a very unique move by creating an EDM remix for one of
    the most empowering female records out there, β€œBig Energy” by Latto.

    Samantha XO has been in the game as a DJ for almost a decade. When we asked Samantha
    what keeps her going after all of these years, she said: β€œIn my experience and opinion –
    music is an escape from all of life’s problems. I have found that no matter what life throws at me,
    music is the answer. It always makes me feel better, uplifts me and gives me life again. I have
    found being involved with music in any way, shape or form, from DJ’ing, listening or producing
    music is the absolute best medicine.” It now makes sense how she has kept going and pursuing
    her dream after all these years.

    Samantha might have clean cut luck, but her start in music was a bit more gritty, edgy, and
    interesting. When we asked how she first got that initial spark, she gave us a story that made us
    come alive, β€œI remember when I was in high school I was able to secure a fake ID and would
    sneak out to the only underground gay club in my city. They were playing cutting edge electronic
    music that you really couldn’t hear nowhere else at the time. The DJ was amazing there, I would
    show up when they opened and stay until close, dancing the entire time non-stop. The freedom
    of expression, the amazing electronic music and the incredibly open-minded people created
    such an environment and atmosphere that is even hard to put into words to this day and was
    simply otherworldly.” This kind of character building start in her music career is just what makes
    her such a unique force in the industry today.

    With how passionate Samantha is for her artistry and music in general, we can see her quickly
    rising up the ranks to be collaborating with the likes of Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold and John Summit.
    We envision her touring DJ’ing festivals around the world.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Samantha XO is ranked Top 100 DJ in the World

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