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  • New Classic: Les Techno Channels Bowie, Love & Rockets in ‘Does It Make You Feel Good’


    Anyone who’s a fan of Bauhaus, their follow-up project Love & Rockets, David Bowie, Iggy Pop or, more recently, Edwyn Collins should know the reclusive yet well-respected post punk artist known as Les Techno. Lauded for years in the New York music scene for his witty, satirical lyrics and smooth guitar work that rivals the great Robert Fripp, Techno also loves working with synths and production, making his work popular not only in the post punk world but in the increasingly less niche EDM/experimental electronica crossover world. His newest single, “Make You Feel Good” is perfect example of why Les Techno is so respected, and it also happens to be a chill, low key, lofi bop.

    If his discography is anything to go by, it’s actually been a minute since Les Techno released one of his tongue-in-cheek, punky tracks. The last one, “The Modern Twist,” released in late 2021 and was more rock forward, with a sort of rockabilly kick to Techno’s guitar work that made it extremely catchy, although not quite enough electronica for YEDM. Sometimes Les Techno’s stuff has more techno, sometimes it has less (cue trombone going “wah wah”), but it’s always fun and interesting, both in style and in substance. Techno can vacillate from 80s-style, synth-driven work like late-era Chris Rea to junkyard country a’la Tom Waits within the same song whilst showcasing his gift for ambient, oftentimes shoegazey guitar work.

    The style points are certainly there with Les Techno, but he’s also known for his biting wit within his lyrics. His post-apocalyptic, sometimes desolate music is meant to compliment and drive home the point of each song, so even if you’re not listening to the vocals, the music will give audiences the eerie tone of dystopia, whether they’re looking for it or not. Often full of social commentary and warnings about what our actions now may cost us in the future.

    “Make You Feel Good” starts out with a classic Waits-esque story of boy meets girl but quickly turns into a comment on the American dream and the unexamined life; the title and lyric pose a question about whether the house, car and 2.5 kids is what most people actually want or if it’s just an antiquated marketing gimmick. As society is rapidly changing and people are questioning their lifestyle choices more and more, it seems like a good message to release right now. With no judgement and some gorgeous, pre-wall of sound guitar work a’la Bowie’s Heroes era, Techno gives listeners the option to decide how this track – and their dreams for the future – make them feel.

    After recording tracks with the likes of Run DMC and Mob Deep, Les Techno’s solo work seems to be less about what others’ dreams are and more about the type of music he wants to release. It stands to reason that he would release tracks that encourage others to make sure they’re not following someone else’s path. The fact that he’s able to do it in cool, dreamy, lofi swathes of music allows for even more contemplation. Here’s hoping “Make You Feel Good” makes its listeners feel good in looking forward to more new tracks from this post punk prodigy.

    “Make You Feel Good” is out now and can be streamed on Spotify.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: New Classic: Les Techno Channels Bowie, Love & Rockets in ‘Does It Make You Feel Good’

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