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  • Maximono Drops Collection Of Unreleased Tracks ‘The Outtakes’ via This Ain’t Bristol


    The crafty German artist/producer Maximono earned his tenure in the electronic music scene during the late 90s, meticulously honing his craft in the world of breakbeats, jungle and drum & bass. In 2015, he flipped the script to go on a genre bending crusade with his new interpretation of house music, rapidly catching the attention of tastemaker labels such as Dirtybird, This Ain’t Bristol, Sweat It Out, Confession, Insomniac and CUFF. With a masters degree in low-end theory and a minor in spaced out, wobbly leads, Maximono teamed up with fellow bass graduates and heavy hitters like Malaa, Mat.Joe, Huxley, Kevin Knapp and Marten Hørger to release critically acclaimed songs such as “Arsenic”, “Drummer Loco” and “So High”.

    Now, he’s back with a simmering album packed full of unreleased tracks via the esteemed imprint This Ain’t Bristol, titled ‘The Outtakes.’ In true Maximono fashion, the album is laced with trippy melodies and hypnotic grooves all across the house spectrum. Creativity is not an issue for him, as he consistently finds ways to expose our ears to new sounds in each track, from distorted bass wubs to breakbeat rhythms.

    There’s something for everyone on this album, and we are thankful Maximono graced us with getting a listen to some of his vault. Check it out below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Maximono Drops Collection Of Unreleased Tracks ‘The Outtakes’ via This Ain’t Bristol

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