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  • Lucille Croft Enters A New Era with Provocative ‘PATIENT X’ EP [LISTEN]


    Lucille Croft isn’t afraid to reinvent herself — and the producer’s newly released, debut body of work does just that.

    The 5-track EP introduces Patient X — one of what we’re expecting to be several personalities that distinguish Lucille’s ever-evolving project, showcasing a provocative, post-human concept based in excitement, romance, and rage.

    From start to finish, Patient X packs in fierce energy border-lining on insanity, expertly switching up elements of cyberpunk mid-tempo, metal, bass, and pounding techno into a seamless and potentially deadly presentation.

    Lucille Croft explains in her own words:

    Essentially, Patient X is a fictional storyline and body of work I created about real experiences. It channels my love for games, fantasy, sci-fi, and channels my experiences as a woman in music, and me coming into my power.

    Leading cuts include “Seduce / Destroy,” a collab with TMRRW called “Kill The Machine” featuring Bad/Love, and “Out For Blood.” However, we find the intro track “Post Human” and outro track “More Blood” to be just as satisfying. The EP also features consistent narration from Lucille, which personalizes the release even further.

    Listen here and link up below to learn more about Patient X.

    Lucille Croft – PATIENT X EP

    Connect with Lucille Croft

    SoundCloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Lucille Croft Enters A New Era with Provocative ‘PATIENT X’ EP [LISTEN]

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