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  • LP Giobbi Announces New Record Label Yes Yes Yes and Drops New Single Time Expands


    LP Giobbi is back with a brand new single “Time Expands” and it is the launch of her new label, Yes Yes Yes, part of the Defected Records Family. “Time Expands” is a wonderful exploration of LP Giobbi’s trademark sound. Built around a grooving synth bassline, there’s just enough weird elements plugged into the track that make it distinctly an LP Giobbi track. No one in dance music so seamlessly incorporates that Laurel Canyon sound into house music the way LP does. “Time Expands” is no different. Featuring a blistering bassline along with a synthesized guitar rhythm, “Time Expands” is a pitch perfect entryway into Yes Yes Yes records.

    “I grew up going to this hippie festival in Oregon called the Oregon Country Fair. My parents started going in their 20s, and I have never missed it since the womb. It’s my favorite place on earth because it leans into weirdness, joy, and mind-opening experiences.” LP Giobbi says. “The first thing you see when you walk on site is a sign that just says, ‘Yes Yes Yes’ and it makes me smile ear to ear every single year. This label is not beholden to one genre or one particular sound. It’s simply about good dance music, made for the dancefloor that expands your mind and makes you feel good.”

    Check out the latest from LP Giobbi, “Time Expands” the first release on Yes Yes Yes Records.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: LP Giobbi Announces New Record Label Yes Yes Yes and Drops New Single Time Expands

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