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  • Kim Sane: Beats Without Borders


    For well over a decade,Β Kim SaneΒ has been a fixture of the techno scene. With a deep emphasis on adaptability, his works are of the digital variety.

    His emphasis on the digital is twofold – firstlyΒ a digital audio workstation takes up far less spaceΒ while touring,Β andΒ secondly becauseΒ itΒ allowsΒ forΒ a great deal moreΒ range andΒ adaptability. The experimentation he takes onΒ involvesΒ the cross-pollination between different genres of techno, from the breaks to progressive house. Such a range results in each release of his further fine-tuning the sound, getting everything perfectly synced up.

    His world travels haveΒ inspired a number of his works. By bringing these ideas along with him, he has expanded his own sound. Whereas initially focused on tech-house, he’s since moved into elements of melodic techno and indie house. Both particular strains are making something of a come-back, indie house with its own venues devoted to it and melodic techno in a much larger, cultural aspect.

    Community proves essential within the electronic music scene at large, yet there are those capitals of it, London, Paris,Β andΒ Bali, they all have factored into Kim’s style. A few of them have featured him at festivals, like the Ultra Music Festival Summer 2022 and the Amsterdam Dance Event.

    Blending all of these together within a distinct range of BPM,Β Kim Sane proves how much can be done with the subtle moments, the ways that melody and groove can become one.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Kim Sane: Beats Without Borders

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