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  • Jauz, Habstrakt, Gammer, & More Reveal Where Some Of Their Most Famous Samples Come From


    Sometimes, people are just in the mood to come clean. And sometimes it turns out like this thread of quote tweets yesterday from the likes of CLB, Chris Lorenzo, Jauz, FuntCase, Gammer, and Habstrakt spilling the beans on “stealing” samples from some of their friends on some of their most famous works.

    Of course, we use the term “stealing” very lightly and only in conjunction with the artists’ own admission, but it’s really just friends sharing until someone gets mad enough to say something about it. But from all of these replies, it seems everyone is in good spirits about it all.

    Sometimes it’s a kick, sometimes it’s a snare, sometimes it’s a synth … whatever it is, some of these samples and elements made these songs what they are. Perhaps all at once most surprising and most obvious, the opening chords from Gammer’s “The Drop” came straight from the stems of Porter Robinson’s “Sad Machine.”

    Check out some of the confessions below and go back and listen to the tracks and see if you can hear it!

    i need to come clean…. i stole the @Lorenzosbeats “hallucinogen” kick and used it in every house track i made for like two years 😅 https://t.co/frnsGJXkDe

    — ✪ CLB ✪ (@CLB_sounds) September 23, 2021

    😂😂 you fucking thief – although I did a remix for @justinmartin years ago and there was an 808 in the stems that is so tight I still use as my go to sub bass for most things 😅 I also stole a @GorgonCity kick from some remix stems! Thanks lads https://t.co/WIOs6kyKgr

    — Chris Lorenzo (@Lorenzosbeats) September 23, 2021

    I stole @enJOYRYDE kick on Hot drum and I think he stole mine from Chicken soup 😂😂 https://t.co/CzmjJhCr7N

    — frenchie (@habstrakt) September 23, 2021

    Habby came over one day to my old house with @Ghastly and all of us were working on a song (that never got finished) and during that Habby gave me a few of his Operator racks, and after a good bit of tweaking one of those ended up becoming the sound for Higher with Netsky 😂 https://t.co/1N9SmroI3L

    — JAUZ $BTX (@Jauzofficial) September 24, 2021

    All my tracks with an under layered low snare in from 2009-2011 was a @TCDNB snare I used to use in my dnb projects before FuntCase 🥸 https://t.co/KYoe5scV14

    — FuntCase | DPMO (@FuntCaseUK) September 24, 2021

    I took the initial sound on
    ‘The drop’ straight out of the @porterrobinson ‘sad machine’ stems https://t.co/OO3EwLJVlc

    — GAMER (@DJGammer) September 24, 2021


    Photos via Rukes.com

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Jauz, Habstrakt, Gammer, & More Reveal Where Some Of Their Most Famous Samples Come From

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