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  • Five Arrows Drops Feel Good Anthem, ‘Only You’ & Interview


    It’s always a good feeling when you find a track which really catch your melodic senses and hits you with all those feels. We have the privilege so share such a track from talented upcoming producer, Five Arrows. Expect emotive vocals, clean builds and a climatic and beautifully layered drop. We had the chance to catch up and interview this talented guy also below!

    What inspired you to start music?

    I picked up a guitar when I was just a young teenager and listened to a lot of pop/punk/emo bands. I toured in a signed heavy metal band for many years, and when that came to an end, I took a break from making music. Artists like Illenium and The Chainsmokers got me into the EDM genre and still inspire me today.

    If you weren’t doing music, what other career could you see yourself doing?

    I would probably be a travel vlogger/blogger since I love to travel and create content. Photography and videography are still passions of mine.

    What do fans of yours have to look forward to in the near future, are there any surprises to come?

    I plan to continue to release new music and collaborate with various artists over the next several months. I also plan to release and EP/album towards the end of the year, and even maybe DJ some live shows in the near future.

    Where do you draw your production’s inspiration from?

    This is tough because sometimes I can sit down and write an entire song in a day/night, and other times I have writers block. Listening to all different genres of music generally gets the spark going for me, rather than listening to EDM all day.

    Is there any advice you would like to give your younger self for coming into the music industry or something to help the songwriting/producing process?

    Don’t make music to try and become “famous.” I see this all the time in online forums/groups with questions that ask what music genre gets you famous? My advice is to be genuine and write music you enjoy making. At the end of the day your authenticity will come through more organically that way. A tip I use when sitting down at my computer is to have a clear vision or goal that you want your song to sound like. This helps the process flow so much easier.

    What’s the meaning of your track “Only You”? Love the cover art!

    Only You is about that one person in your life that you can’t seem to forget about. A relationship that made a significant positive impact on your life.

    We loved the Chainsmokers “IPAD” remix, tell us more about its creative process and how it came about? 

    Haha so this one came about sporadically. I think the song had been out maybe for a week before I decided to remix it. This is one that happened fast and a very smooth writing process. I’ve always enjoyed The Chainsmokers so I decided “why not?!” I may or may not have another remix by them coming out in the near future…shhhh.. 🙂

    How do you identify as an EDM POP artist?

    That is a good question. I never try and put labels on what “genre” I am. That is for fans/listeners to decide. I just write whatever I am feeling at the time, but if we did put a label on it, I supposed it would be “Future Bass/Pop.”

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Five Arrows Drops Feel Good Anthem, ‘Only You’ & Interview

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