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  • Ezediel Unveils Hypnotic Single, “A Dark Knight Screaming Inside”


    Multifaceted artist Ezediel’s last release, “A Dark Knight Screaming Inside”, comes
    back to the more primitive tunes of “I Wash My Hands in the Blood” (2021 – 1.5MLN
    streams) and instantly puts you in a trance with his unique ritualistic music design and
    electronic/synth soundscape.

    It begins with a quote from The Batman, as the track unfolds with a sample inspired by the
    recognizable Fever Ray’s “If I Had a Heart”, mixed with humming and broken at times
    by intervals. The song inspiration comes also from Hideo Kojima “Death Stranding”
    soundtrack and tribute to the Low Roar’s song “I’ll keep coming”, whose frontman Ryan
    Karazija recently passed away.

    The lyrics are sung in Ezediel’s distinctive deep voice and deal with mental health and
    the Jungian concept of shadow. His words resonate with those from Jung himself – “I
    have a Dark Knight… No, I am the Dark Knight”. This song is an invitation for the
    listener to go on a heroic journey, to immerse themself in the chant like tunes, and find
    and fight their own dark knight, their shadow. The beat itself progresses to a rhythm
    distorted with static towards the end, but the song wraps up with a much clearer note
    and one hopeful last whisper – “So let it be. Shadows around me, the Light inside me”.

    Check it out below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Ezediel Unveils Hypnotic Single, “A Dark Knight Screaming Inside”

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