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  • CAZZETTE, Electric Polar Bears, & The Ready Set Come Together For Summery Anthem, “Cloudy Heart”


    After making waves in 2021 with a string of releases, teaming up with some of the industry’s most sought-after producers and vocalists like Paris Hilton, Nitti Gritti, tyDi, and Naz Tokio, as well as performing at various festivals including a performance at Paris Hilton’s wedding party the playful and mysterious masked duo Electric Polar Bears return with their newest single, Cloudy Heart” featuring CAZZETTE and The Ready Set.

    It’s a match made in heaven between these three talented artists. The Ready Set are one of the most iconic emo/pop-punk acts around, and hearing them on top of a club track just feels right. CAZZETTE have enjoyed an immensely successful career thus far, and helped infuse this summertime anthem with their signature, high energy sound. It plays perfectly off of EPB’s dynamic, playful sound to create a truly memorable single.

    Here’s what CAZZETTE had to say about it:

    Cloudy heart was a joy to work on. Everyone involved has been so great and it was really fun building a song from the ground up with the team involved. It’s rare for me to create instrumentals in its entirety today and have talented vocalists write and sing on it afterwards. I usually start with the vocal and build the music around it which is the opposite in this case. The song brings me back to my earlier days in dance music and it’s incredible that the workflow also represents the way I worked back then. I’m happy presenting this throwback gem (according to me) with everyone.”

    Listen below!


    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: CAZZETTE, Electric Polar Bears, & The Ready Set Come Together For Summery Anthem, “Cloudy Heart”

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