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  • Another Single from J’Moris Means Smooth, Articulate Hip Hop Will Once Again Be ‘Activated’ [Video]


    The opening scene of the video for trap hop rising star J’Moris’s new single “Activated” will be instantly recognizable, zooming in him and a friend sitting on a porch in obvious Smokey-and-Craig-from-Friday regalia. It’s a clear Texas-styled parody of the classic stoner movie, shot by the obviously talented director, Artist Named Chi and will likely have audiences laughing through the whole video.

    With J’Moris himself playing Smokey, the video is replete with recognizable scenes from Friday: Felicia, Ms. Parker, Big Worm…they’re all there. The video ends with a take on the classic scene where Smokey accidentally smokes PCP and ends up in the chicken coops, or J’Moris’s take on it, anyway. Like his lyrics state, he may just be a bit too chill to portray the effects of an unexpected dip. It’s entertaining nonetheless and serves as a fun backdrop for “Activated.”

    Fans watching the new video might be so enamored by the Friday references in the “Activated” video that they may fail to notice the track itself, which is one of J’Moris’s most musically and lyrically lush yet relaxed content-wise thus far. J’Moris has been known for making a lot of deep points in his raps, but this time it’s really just about being comfortable in one’s own skin, enjoying a day and doing what feels good. The beat reflects this “chill but aware” attitude, ornamented with vintage classical piano that sounds like it was actually recorded off a Victrola or similar old timey machine.

    What hasn’t changed in “Activated,” however, is J’Moris’s mastery of flow. Even with the chill vibes throughout the track that match his vocal timbre, the contrast of this artist’s spit game is always impressive. Playing with different tempos, syncopation and phrase arrangements, J’Moris’s lyrics wind around the sleepy beat in a way that’s sure to get fans “Activated.”

    As an anti-mumble rap champion, J’Moris proves once again on “Activated” that relaxed, Soutthern trap vibes are no excuse for lazy lyrical flow. Even with his most chilled out subject matter, J’Moris is articulate with beautifully crafted rhymes that are the real star of this track. The connection then to Friday is quite clear: the heyday of hip hop is still very much alive and will continue to be thus as long as J’Moris is around.

    “Activated” is out now and can be streamed on multiple platforms here. Check out J’Moris’s other videos on YouTube.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Another Single from J’Moris Means Smooth, Articulate Hip Hop Will Once Again Be ‘Activated’ [Video]

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