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  • Ali Rez Drops Underground Tune, “Everything On The Menu Is Vegan”


    Ali Rez is a DJ, Singer, Songwriter, Sync Agent, Earth Warrior, Tenant Defender, and Attorney “braised” in Queens NY who lives by the mantra, “With Purpose.” He believes artists have a responsibility to their communities and the planet. Alireza aims to use his voice to give back and also to give a voice to the voiceless. As a First-Generation Iranian-American, Ali Rez is on a mission to heal himself and the world through music, activism, and love. Striving for World Peace and Conscious Consumerism. 

    Ali Rez’s musical projects often reflect his life experiences and dedication to protecting the planet. His new track, “Everything on the Menu is Vegan”, intertwines both of these components. Produced by the gifted Woodro Skillson, the single fuses together underground elements of house and techno for an electrifying result. As Ali repeats the song’s title throughout, a thumping kick and gritty bass line drives this song with mesmerizing side effects.

    “As a Vegan, it can be kinda terrifying going into a restaurant for the first time and not knowing if an item on the menu is vegan. I was first inspired to write the song when I ate at Vertical Diner in Salt Lake City, Utah for the first time. Upon reading the menu, I became nervous reading things like ‘chicken sandwich,’ or ‘jerk chicken burrito.’ But when the waiter approached, I was reassured that ‘Everything on the Menu is Vegan!’” – Ali Rez

    This track is sure to contain mass appeal, whether or not you’re vegan. Listen below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Ali Rez Drops Underground Tune, “Everything On The Menu Is Vegan”

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