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  • 44 Ardent Releases Mesmerizing Single “bones (sinking like stones)”


    44 Ardent is a master at his craft, with a unique capability at blending ambient soundscapes with addictive deep house grooves. His latest single “bones (sinking like stones)” is no exception, beautifully showcasing not only his talent, but how truly special of an artist he is.

    The vocals has a tranquil, nearly blissful quality that soothes your body instantaneously while swaying percussion and soft synth melodies envelop your in a warm embrace.

    “This song was written in early 2022 when Meanjin (Brisbane) was flooding. Floods are heartbreaking times and can be life-changing experiences for those involved. The flood was devastating, but it also highlighted the strength and resilience of our community. It’s quite easy to lose faith in humanity sometimes, but during the floods, everyone rallied together and there were countless people helping total strangers to clean up and move belongings. So, to me, I found that there was some beauty in amongst all the destruction – a silver lining, I suppose.

    This song is a bit of a reflection on the emotions I was feeling at the time. It was initially a much slower, sadder song, but over time during the writing process, I ended up speeding it up a fair bit and changing the style. I suppose at its core, it’s a song about people coming together in difficult times. I like to think that most people are inherently good and trying their best, and times like these do help to reinforce that belief.” ~ 44 Ardent

    Listen below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: 44 Ardent Releases Mesmerizing Single “bones (sinking like stones)”

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