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  • 1tbsp Strikes Perfection On ‘It’s Very Loud’ EP


    1tbsp is the project by Australian Grammy Award Nominated artist Maxwell Byrne (aka Golden Vessel) which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Daphni, Four Tet and DJ Koze. He’s crafted an irresistible sounds that lies somewhere between deep and melodic house, and his songs have an uncanny ability to get stuck in your head.

    Over the last few weeks, he offered exceptional new 1tbsp singles – “Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound”, “No Nein (feat. Mietze Conte)” and “Four Tet Is My Godmother” – each encompassing their own uinque flair that built plenty of anticipation for his ‘It’s Very Loud’ EP

    The ep features the above mentioned recent singles alongside one other previously unheard gem and title-track, ‘It’s Very Loud’, which was co-written with his friend Squidgenini who also featured on his 2022 single ‘Seasons’. From the intoxicating synth melodies to trippy vocal samples, it’s safe to say they nearly struck perfection on this tune.

    “I built this around a bass line that Squidgenini played the first time we met up to write. I scraped everything else we made and cut in some samples from tracklib. This is sort of the b-side on the EP, and I tried to make it a bit of a slower burn / dubby. The main vocal in the track is this trashy pop vocal but the way I cut it created new lyrics which weren’t there originally resulting in the repeating “It’s Very Loud”.” – 1tbsp

    Speaking to the EP, he shares:

    “My new ep “It’s Very Loud” is all about self-expression and making music that excites me enough that I want to share it and use it in my DJ sets. It’s a pretty simple concept but sometimes other things get in the way, and I wanted to make this louder than previous things I’ve made.” 

    Check it out below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: 1tbsp Strikes Perfection On ‘It’s Very Loud’ EP

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