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  • Your EDM Premiere: Skantia’s Collab ‘Connection’ EP is Almost Here! [RAM]


    Skantia seems to be one of those rare acts in D&B who’s calmly and quietly releasing the biggest tracks on earth at every turn. No fuss, no muss, just undeniable bangers. He straddles dancefloor, neuro, minimal and experimental styles like it’s nothing, leaving fans with whiplash from all the head-nodding. With his new Connection EP due out in a  few days and containing collabs with AC13, Bladerunner, KY and Annix – all of whom are also banger machines – we’d say just get a neck brace now.

    With his last few releases being collabs saving his remix of Gydra and IHR’s “Wipe” on Eatbrain, it seems Skantia had even more ready to go and decided to make an EP. Connection, in fact, literally expresses the UK silent killer’s love of a good collab. And how could one not love these collabs? From the techy, snare-heavy title track chugger with Bladerunner to the melodic, experimental and somewhat Curent Value-like “Along the Way” with AC13 to the whip-smart snares of the darkstep-inspired teeth grinder “Programmed to Die” with KY, Connection deslares in on uncertain terms how Skantia gets it done.

    Another quiet banger-maker, the duo Annix, is the only act on Connection that Skantia has already worked with directly. Their collab track, “Corkscrew” is our premiere today and it’s sort of evident in the ease and flow of the composition that these artists have worked together before. Ultra-cinematic and ultra-obscene with how dirty the bass synth is, the “flow and ease” are more in the composition than in the final product. All rough edges and heavy syncopation, “Corkscrew” shows that neither Annix nor Skantia is going to stop genre-hopping any time soon and we’re all better for it.

    With sick, jumpy beats, the ability to meld subgenres, jump labels and pretty much rule the dancefloor, it’s no wonder these artists have had no qualms about collaborating with Skantia on Connection. He’s likely got another few gems up his sleeve so we really should all stay tuned to Skantia, but in the meantime we can enjoy this Connection he’s made with the dancefloor and lovers of bass.

    Connection drops on RAM this Friday, November 12. Pre-save here.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Skantia’s Collab ‘Connection’ EP is Almost Here! [RAM]

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