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  • Yellow Claw Talk Staying Fresh, Los Angeles Tour Dates, €URO TRA$H and more [Interview]


    It’s been a while since we last chatted with the venerable Dutch trap duo Yellow Claw. They’ve left an indelible mark on the scene over the past decade and with Jim and Nils taking over Los Angeles this past month, we figured this was the best time to chat with them.

    They’ve been releasing a steady stream of music this past year, including a full album from their more house/tech-driven side project €URO TRA$H. They also just wrapped up a full North American tour which included a b2b set with Flosstradamus at HARD Summer Los Angeles. We had a brief chat with Nils from Yellow Claw about new music, the €URO TRA$H side project, their shows, and the state of dance music.

    Hey Jim and Nils! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. We’ve been loving all the new music you guys have been putting out this year. How do you guys keep the music fresh after all these years while still maintaining that classic Yellow Claw Sound? I feel like “Cold Like Snow” and “Hey Sensei” really embody that.

    “That is something that isn’t always easy. It definitely involves us being critical on the stuff we make and sometimes scrapping a song even when it’s completely done, mixed and mastered. And naturally it gets harder every year to do something within what we think is Yellow Claw but we don’t stop looking for it until we found it.”

    Speaking of new music, you guys have released a full album under your €URO TRA$H alias. What were the origins of €URO TRA$H and what can fans expect going forward? Also, what’s your take on producers/artists taking on side-projects and/or aliases?

    “Jim and I have always been very hesitant of starting a side project. But we finally made the call to do it after we made a whole bunch of music that was just so very much different from the Yellow Claw lane and we’re both extremely happy we did it cause it’s a lot of fun so far. The €URO TRA$H project is a blank page and that gives us endless possibilities creatively. When it comes to music, marketing, art and videos. It’s a more loosely artistic project and we now know that’s exactly what we were looking for.”

    Tell us about your run of Los Angeles shows? I feel like it had been a while since you guys were here in Southern California. I was lucky enough to catch your Academy show, you guys killed it and I thought the crowd was amazing. How did that performance compare to your €URO TRA$H set and your b2b with Flosstradamus at HARD Summer?

    “LA was fire as always. A city that has relentlessly supported us throughout the years. These three shows couldn’t have been more different from one another actually. From a night that was solely focussed on the groove, a hard bass/techno night and a back to back set with Flosstradamus to celebrate a decade of trap music in its earliest and purest form. To us, creatively, a perfect combination that kept us on our toes and smiling at the same time.”

    I always ask whenever someone comes through Los Angeles, do you have a favorite restaurant or spot that you have to visit?

    “SIMPANG ASIA in Culver City. There’s one in Venice now too btw. Authentic Indonesian food.”

    When you guys aren’t making music or touring, what do you like to do for fun? Any favorite shows you guys have?

    “Jim watches everything. He’s a true cinema freak. I like to read as well. Right now I’m watching ‘Unbelievable’. Very good so far.”

    What’s you guys’ take on the state of dance music in 2023? Seems like we’re in a pretty strong place, festivals are thriving. How do you guys feel and any predictions for where dance music might go as we head toward the end of the year?

    “We feel the same way. I actually said the same thing to one of the Insomniac guys last week. It’s good to see everybody back on the dance floor. And also creatively new lanes are emerging and that’s beautiful.”

    Check out Yellow Claw’s latest “Cold Like Snow” with Sorn. Re-live their EDC Las Vegas set as well!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Yellow Claw Talk Staying Fresh, Los Angeles Tour Dates, €URO TRA$H and more [Interview]

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