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  • What So Not & Daktyl Collab For Euphoric Dnb Single “Fever” [Monstercat]


    With over a decade of delivering mesmeric hits and riveting live sets, What So Not has consistently been at the forefront of sonic exploration. His remix of RÜFÜS DU SOL’s “Innerbloom” and 2022 album, Anomaly, showcase his ability to pull from a variety of influences to forge something fresh and organic. During the last few months, What So Not has been heating up with a series of summer anthems, such as his chilling September release with San Holo, “ENERGY”.

    Just as dynamic and imaginative of an artist is Daktyl, a mixed bag of talent. His career surrounds appearances on the likes of Monstercat, while touring alongside ODESZA, Bonobo, TroyBoi, and other industry powerhouses. This gifted multi-instrumentalist’s latest EP, Chaos Theory Pt. 2, is nothing short of remarkable. It represents an introspective and hypnotic collaborative journey with visionary-lyricist hybrid Benni Ola.

    Together, these two visionary artists prove to be an unstoppable team. Their latest single “Fever” is a testament to their unbridled creativity. It’s an explosion of euphoric melodies and blissful vocals backed by thumping dnb , all together making this one feel like an instant classic.

    “Emerging from a fever dream, the lead riff came to us in the final stages. A squeaky, vibrant ball of energy shifted the frame to hopefulness. We drew parallels to pivotal revelations through psychedelics & life experience; seemingly dire circumstances leading to euphoria & your true path.”What So Not

    “Personally, the lyrics to me are about dedication. Feverish passion, commitment, and purpose. For both Chris [What So Not] and I, we have found that through music. It is how we give shape to the world around us. Conversely, making music is absolutely an addiction. I cannot, and never want to, stop. Everyone is chasing this feeling that is within all of us, but can come in many forms, such as raising a family or teaching. It can of course take a darker shape, but it is important to try to bend it to the light, whatever that means to you.” – Daktyl

    For the first time, the pair recently performed “Fever” to close out What So Not’s prime-time set at Same Same But Different Festival. There was an unrivaled sense of happiness and positivity in the air, as the crowd collectively held their hands up, swaying to the buildup of this uplifting tune. Additionally, Daktyl and What So Not have recorded a spellbinding live performance video of “Fever”.

    Listen below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: What So Not & Daktyl Collab For Euphoric Dnb Single “Fever” [Monstercat]

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