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  • Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, & NoBueno Team Up For Sizzling Single, “Synthetic Sands” + Interview


    Vulture Theory, is an underground house artist who has made a distinct mark within the scene, logging performances at Catch One, Madame Siam, and Canary and signing tracks to G Mafia, Story Time and speed house movement. Graduating from Icon Collective, he has mastered the art of blending tech house and experimental elements, creating a unique sonic experience that transports listeners to a realm of hypnotic rhythms.

    Now, he’s teamed up two additional rising yet distinguished artists HAWD HITTA and NoBueno for their electrifying single “Synthetic Sands”. It’s impossible not to feel the energy coursing through your veins the instant you press play, as these three artists flex their talent in the studio through rumbling bass grooves, fiery synth work, and even a whopping half time flip at the end.

    We had the privilege to chat with them about this single along with what’s ahead for this year. Enjoy the interview below!

    Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your collaboration on “Synthetic Sands”?

    HAWD HITTA: It all started when Vulture Theory kicked it over to myself and opened it up to creativity. From there I found myself in NoBueno’s studio and then built it out to bring about a transitional half-time section to the second build up and second drop. It worked out really well and I’m grateful to have been part of this track with this group.”

    How did the three of you come together to create this track?

    Vulture Theory: We’ve had a few studio sessions before where we had collaborated on stuff that just hasn’t come out of the vault of music that we have. But this one definitely had potential early on. We appreciate all the hard work involved from everyone in the process.”

    What unique elements did each artist bring to the table during the production process?

    NoBueno: “It was Vulture Theory that had the original synths and bassline down. HAWD HITTA had come up with some of  the arrangement and a few other sound design elements that are noticeable in the second drop. I myself came up with the half-time that works and feels great in this type of energetic record.”

    “Synthetic Sands” is described as a mainstage house banger. What makes it stand out from other tracks in the genre?

    HAWD HITTA: I feel that it’s memorable and unique like that of a Knock2 – dashstar type of cutting edge sound design, or just any festival track that has a build up and drop in SYNTHETIC SANDS (in reference to the 2nd half).”

    How do you envision this song being received by festival audiences?

    Vulture Theory: “I think that it’s got great potential in mashup’s or even any late set, where you can stand on the stage and get the crowd excited. It’s got a lot of energy sitting at such a high BPM. We expect our audience to really enjoy it at ACADEMY when HAWD HITTA performs.”

    Can you share any behind-the-scenes stories or memorable moments while working on “Synthetic Sands”?

    HAWD HITTA:I remember being on FT with Vulture Theory when we first got the project and we went ahead that same day moments later into NoBueno’s studio. It was a great day and I felt like there is a lot to be said about this collab.”

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, & NoBueno Team Up For Sizzling Single, “Synthetic Sands” + Interview

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