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  • This Audigy remix of “Chasing Devils” by Conrank and Buku Will Melt Your Brain


    Audio plus energy equals bass music, especially when it comes from Audigy. The South Florida producer and DJ has been on our radar for a hot minute and continues to catch our eyes with his growing repertoire of action-packed tracks. On his latest endeavor, Audigy takes a swing at “Chasing Devils” from Conrank and Buku.

    The original track from Conrank’s 2021 album The Simulation’s Breached features a bouncy beat that turns into drumstep ferocity. Audigy steps in and takes the tempo into a slower and heavier direction. The pulsing alarm and warped vocals set up an incredible build to the mind-melting onslaught of flaring synths and wobbling bass. Even as the drop hits, there’s this whistling sound that takes the beat to a higher sense, like a rocket soaring into the stratosphere. It’s no wonder that Circus Records would enlist Audigy to remix such a great song and give it an incredible main-stage level up.

    On this “Chasing Devils” remix, Audigy offers a calculated and spontaneous take that is sure to be heard at all the bass-head shows for this year and the next. His recent singles like “Energy” and “UFO” showcase the producer’s ability to work in other bass music lanes like future bass and drum n bass. But his remix of “Chasing Devils” displays how much he’s improved on his sound in a genre that he’s easily turned into his playground.

    Make sure to check out the Audigy remix of “Chasing Devils” by Conrank and Buku on Circus Records.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: This Audigy remix of “Chasing Devils” by Conrank and Buku Will Melt Your Brain

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