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  • San Holo To Release Generative Digital Vinyl Collection ‘Floating Fragments’ via Soundmint


    San Holo never ceases to amaze us with his artistic and creative endeavors. Most recently, he has joined forces with SoundMint, led by Andre Benz (founder of The Nations & Lowly), which is a leading generative platform for digital music collectibles, to create the “Floating Fragments” collection. Consisting of individual, unique music art pieces – “fragments” – produced entirely by San Holo, the project is another innovative leap in SoundMint’s quest to refine music’s future via Web3 technology. “Floating Fragments” is set to release Friday October 21.

    Minted on the Ethereum blockchain, the fragments, or stems, can be combined and mixed together algorithmically to create an exponential amount of original music compositions, each one different from the next. Paired with mesmerizing visual elements crafted by San Holo’s creative director Thorwald and the SoundMint team, “Floating Fragments” is a prime example of the power of generative music and its ability to amplify high-level originality.

    As you might expect, San Holo shared that this process was something totally new and unfamiliar for him. With traditional song production, the completion of the song is the end goal. But for SoundMint, the end goal is the limitless possibilities.

    “This collection challenged my creativity in a completely new way. My creative process normally has me laser-focused on a single song. With SoundMint, I worked on a big pool of individual and interchangeable loops that, when combined, create thousands of synergistic song possibilities. I put a lot of love into this collection, and I hope my supporters — and all music NFT supporters — find a combination that speaks to them deeply.” – San Holo

    It’s fascinating to see artists enter the web3 and NFT realm with creative projects like this and we cannot wait to share the final result this Friday!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: San Holo To Release Generative Digital Vinyl Collection ‘Floating Fragments’ via Soundmint

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