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  • Robert Cristian Jordan Displays aPlayful Sense of Humor on the Sly “DADGUY”


    Robert Cristian Jordan is a singer/songwriter who has emerged from the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Jordan’s career has been shaped by his life experiences, including being adopted as a newborn in a private adoption, becoming a single father, and adopting 4 boys from the foster care system. He is known for his unwavering advocacy for mental health awareness, using his music to spread awareness on a topic many people shy away from discussing.

    Jordan’s music is heavily influenced by his life story, which often revolves around themes of overcoming adversity and rising above life’s challenges to emerge victorious. As an artist, he tackles these topics with a unique style that he has coined as CINEMATIC POP. Jordan’s music is well-known
    for its ability to invoke powerful emotions in the listener, as his lyrics often center on deeply personal experiences that are easy to relate to.

    Throughout his childhood, Jordan was exposed to various forms of entertainment, including musical theater and movies that would shape his current style as a songwriter. This early exposure to the arts helped bridge the gap between his real-life experiences and the art that he creates, resulting in deeply rooted themes of hope, love, and personal growth within his music.

    Robert Cristian Jordan is not one to shy away from using his music as a platform to raise awareness on pressing social issues such as mental
    health, and his contributions have not gone unnoticed. From his early roots with eating disorders and self-discovery to his current career as a
    successful and prolific singer/songwriter, Jordan’s legacy is one of hope and perseverance in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

    With “DAD GUY,” Robert Cristian Jordan offers an anthem for single fathers. A nice rethinking of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy,” he transforms the track
    into something else entirely. Vocals have a hushed awe. The percussion goes right for a tactile sensibility, from the nice worming bass line that
    reflects upon Billie’s original to the eerie melody that lifts into the air. The lyricism is the heart and soul of the whole piece. He makes sure to let giddy
    energy dance its way across the entirety of the track, keeping its infectious pop quality neatly intact.

    The muffled, distorted bassline starts things on the right note. From the beginning, he goes full protector mode, protecting his kids against those wishing them ill. He gets incredible jabs at the outside world in a way only a dad could understand. Words build upon each other, adding to the overall
    picture of a devoted father. Of course, he displays an uncanny sense of humor, which proves biting at just the right moments. Timing is everything,
    and he rides the beat effectively, having that same mix of pop song meets distended hip-hop. Rhythms have a steady pulse as they dive headfirst into the red, allowing the entire piece a great degree of physicality from start to finish, an absolute joy to behold.

    “ DAD GUY ” features the delicate balance that Robert Cristian Jordan has, being both funny and celebratory at the same time. With a background shaped by adoption, fostering, and single parenthood, Jordan’s music tell stories of hope in the face of adversity, and his unwavering advocacy for mental health awareness only adds to the depth and power of his music.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Robert Cristian Jordan Displays aPlayful Sense of Humor on the Sly “DADGUY”

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