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  • RN ISMO Returns To His Roots Via ‘Growing Up,’ Released On Label: Issues


    When the worlds of fate, talent, and determination collide, they often create a melody that lingers. For RN ISMO, this collision has been nothing short of harmonic brilliance. The minimal house scene has witnessed an unparalleled confluence of sound and storytelling with his entrancing journey.

    Imagine a young, eager talent submitting a seemingly simple remix for a contest hosted by Woodlands Studios. This task, made available by the renowned Detlef, was a call to remix Detlef’s piece, “Dub Clap,” for the renowned label, Issues. RN ISMO’s rendition stood out, not for its complexity, but its arresting simplicity. This winning moment was more than just a victory; it was RN ISMO’s gateway into the intricate universe of minimal house.

    Fast forward a bit, and the world is now graced with “Growing Up”. This masterpiece intricately weaves RN ISMO’s seasoned sound with Cami Jones’s moving vocals. While their earlier work, “Melting Head”, gave listeners a taste, “Growing Up” serves as a rich, musical memoir, detailing the metamorphosis of an artist.

    Life’s symphony often feels like a repetitive tune, but RN ISMO’s journey resonates differently. It’s a melodic manifestation of aspirations from the past marrying present-day triumphs, rising like a phoenix and rhythmically dancing to its beats.

    Detroit’s vibrant underground scene was the crucible where RN ISMO’s unique sound was molded. His singular blend of minimal grooves and eye for technicality soon turned heads regionally and online. His debut stunner “Elevate” made waves on the Tech House Hype chart on Beatport. But it wasn’t just his original creations that earned him applause. His refreshing take on Detlef’s “Dub Clap,”  mentioned above, placed him on the global music map.

    By 2022, RN ISMO joined forces with Repopulate Mars, further anchoring his reputation with tracks like “Melting Head”, in tandem with Andre Salmon and Cami Jones. His Beatport chart successes, including the “Underground” EP on ARRITMIA and the “All I Can Be” EP, continued to accentuate his musical growth. Sharing stages with luminaries such as John Summit and Westend, and absorbing wisdom from mentor Ramin Rezaie, RN ISMO’s ascent is a sign to his value of taking advantage of the opportunities life presents each and every day.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: RN ISMO Returns To His Roots Via ‘Growing Up,’ Released On Label: Issues

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