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  • Rising NYC-Based Producer Sam Silver Teams Up with Whiterosemoxie, A$AP Ant, and Corey St. Rose


    Sam Silver, a rising music producer and songwriter from New York City teams up with Hip-Hop artists whiteRoseMoxie, A$AP Ant, and Corey St.Rose on his latest single, “Witness.” The track is a powerful and emotive piece of music that showcases Silver’s ability to blend different genres and styles into a cohesive and compelling sound.

    Silver’s production skills are on full display through “Witness”, as he expertly blends elements of Hip-Hop with electronic music to create a dynamic and gripping track. The song is a testament to Silver’s versatility as a producer and songwriter, and his ability to create music that is both deeply personal and widely relatable.

    “Having been born and raised in NYC, as any native New Yorker can tell you, rap and Hip-Hop music is constantly surrounding you. Although I grew up having an ear for dubstep and bass house music, I hadn’t heard them working in unison in the same songs as one genre, which has been a sound I have been testing for a few years,” Silver says. 

    He continues, “‘Witness’ is a combination of New York and Detroit/New York style rap mixed with bass house. When working with Moxie, I realized he is versatile and open to trying new sounds. This ultimately brought together ‘Witness’ and a combination of new sounds that attempts to blend a new audience together.” 

    With “Witness”, Sam Silver has once again proven himself to be one of the most exciting new talents in the New York music scene. The song is a powerful and dynamic piece of music that showcases Silver’s unique artistic vision.

    His next record, “Choppa,” a collaboration with Jersey’s own Hefna380, will be out 7/14/23 on Team Bijou’s imprint, DND Records.

    About Sam Silver 

    DJ and Producer Sam Silver is known for creating shape-shifting beats, which effortlessly move between genres as diverse as hip-hop and bass house. Born and raised in New York City, he started DJ’ing on vinyl as a teenager and jumped into music production shortly thereafter. His sound is heavily influenced by the music that played at the trendy nightclubs he snuck into during high school. Since his first release in 2019, two of his singles, “Little After Sunset” with A$AP Twelvyy and pineappleCITI, and “New Beginnings” have a combined 10 million streams. His recent EP “How I Hear It,” featuring the stutter-house vibe in “Looking For You” garnered initial support from both Spotify and Apple Music’s editorial teams. Filling hypnotic melodies into his creations that helps the artist freely let their emotions and also incorporating bits of chill house music, Sam Silver’s creations exude dynamism.

    His tracks are bookended by clever rap verses and hooks from carefully curated up-and-comers, and established artists alike. Collaborations include Henry AZ, A$AP Twelvyy, UnoTheActivist, Akthesavior, Paris Bryant, A$AP Ant, WhiteRoseMoxie, Corey St.Rose, 24hrs, Rama Duke, Michael Aristotle, and Katori Walker attest, he’s a talent that can’t be boxed in. Now, at 20, he continues to sculpt his sound and will be ready to take it to the stage in 2024, when he “comes of age.”

    About whiteRoseMoxie

    Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Detroit, whiterosemoxie, or Moxie, started his musical journey at 8 years old after he suffered an asthma attack that put him in a coma for several days. When he awoke, he had the indescribable urge to start making music. He released his debut record, ‘White Ceilings,’ while still in high school, as well as its follow-up, ‘Grae Ceilings,’ a few months later. Described as embodying the energy of Travis Scott and the vulnerability of the late Juice Wrld, Moxie has, well, moxie among other not-so-secret ingredients like confidence, charisma, as well as bass-heavy bangers like “Newty,” coming-of-age piano ballads like “Go,” and a deep-rooted love for IHOP.

    About A$AP Ant

    Hailing from Baltimore MD A$AP Ant found himself as a member of the New York collective A$AP Mob through a connection he made with A$AP Yams. With a great jump start from the mob for his career as an artist he developed his own brand Marino Infantry, then turned it into an independent record label later on down the line earning himself the title of CEO of his own major company. Throughout his music as well as other ventures, Ant has proven himself to be one of rap’s hardest workers.

    About Corey St.Rose

    Corey St. Rose is an American rapper, songwriter, producer, and model from Brooklyn, NY.  St. Rose released his debut mixtape Vibes, in 2017 to critical acclaim. The success of his mixtape led to the release of more independent singles like Elaborate, Live It Up, and favorite Backseat (featuring Double R) landing a 2018 feature in The Source for the animated visual for Midnight Cruise. Best known for his viral music visuals and vlogs on social media and YouTube, Corey has garnered much praise for his authenticity and connection with his fans and community. In 2019, St. Rose released his second studio album titled Elevate featuring streaming chart-topping singles Livin & Prince. 

    “Witness” is now available on all major streaming platforms – Stream Here

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Rising NYC-Based Producer Sam Silver Teams Up with Whiterosemoxie, A$AP Ant, and Corey St. Rose

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