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  • REVIEW | CircoLoco and DC-10 Launch 2024 Summer Season in Authentic Ibiza Celebration


    The kickstart of every year on the white isle is marked by a myriad of grand openings on the clubbing calendar. For those in the know, the iconic CircoLoco remains the prominent beacon that beckons an international crowd that ignite with underground music and stand aside from the masses. A true clubbing culture that has been cultivated by providing the worlds greatest parties since their first inception.

    Stepping foot into the venue is akin to coming home. To review one of your already favourite nights is another benchmark that is actively topped by an incredible line up of DJs that consistently deliver. As the club fills to maximum capacity without fail the energy and intensity continued to lift, providing a peak moment to mark the start of Ibiza 2024. Proudly standing as a haven for House and Techno heads that party with unbridled restriction, the crazy circus continues.


    Experiencing standout sets from the likes of long term resident Tania Volcano through to Arapu, Prospa to Bedouin, Mochack, &Me and a heavyweight list of leading players, DC-10 did not disappoint. Dropping impeccable tracks like If You Want My Loving on CircLoco Records, Emanuel Satie, Maga – Flores (Meera NO Remix) and Ice Sandman and Hunted Vs Staves β€˜Syneshesia’ there were far too many incredible tunes to mention. If this was an early indicator of what the season offers, then expect the 25th Anniversary to continue to forge new ground whilst including their colourful history and hardcore fans throughout. All areas were filled with island residents, international clubbers, industry figureheads and music fanatics which is a reflection of the undeniable thread this institution maintains.

    CircoLoco’s 25th Anniversary Ibiza Season Programme

    CircoLoco, the esteemed purveyor of underground electronic music, recently unveiled its highly anticipated 25th-anniversary season programme for Ibiza. From April 29th to October 14th, the legendary DC-10 venue played host to an eclectic array of performers, celebrating a quarter-century of pushing boundaries and shaping global dance culture.

    A Tribute to Underground Legends

    Since its inception, CircoLoco has been synonymous with groundbreaking lineups and a commitment to championing emerging talent. This milestone season paid homage to its rich legacy while embracing the avant-garde and welcoming established icons. The roster featured a stellar lineup including Grimes, Jessy Lanza, Romy, VTSS, Aurora Halal, Sofia Kourtesis, Prospa, DJ Koze, Ben UFO, and many more luminaries from the electronic music realm.



    A Journey Through Electronic Evolution

    The season’s programming reflected CircoLoco’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. From experimental sounds to classic house beats, attendees were treated to a sonic journey curated by both new school innovators and revered pioneers. Notable acts such as Moodymann, Carl Craig, and crossover icons like Grimes and Romy added to the eclectic mix, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

    A Fusion of Music and Culture

    Beyond the dance floor, CircoLoco’s influence extends into the realms of fashion, art, and entertainment. Over the years, it has become a cultural institution, attracting collaborations with renowned brands and serving as a melting pot for creative minds. From Ricardo Tisci to Virgil Abloh, CircoLoco has inspired and influenced the worlds of fashion and celebrity, further solidifying its status as a cultural phenomenon.



    A Legacy of Innovation

    Founded as a humble Monday morning gathering at DC-10, CircoLoco has evolved into a global music brand, transcending boundaries and redefining club culture. With shows spanning across continents, its no-frills approach and forward-thinking ethos have remained constants, captivating audiences worldwide.

    Looking Ahead

    As CircoLoco embarks on its next chapter, the 25th-anniversary season stands as a testament to its enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to pushing the envelope. With each beat and each gathering, it continues to inspire, unite, and shape the future of electronic music.

    Mario_Pinta_Circoloco_Opening_29.04.2024For those who missed out, there’s plenty more epic moment coming this summer. The memories of CircoLoco’s Ibiza season opening will linger as a historical clubbing moment, serving as a consistent reminder of its unparalleled impact upon the global underground music scene.


    April 29 – October 14 at DC-10

    Join CircoLoco Celebrating 25 Years as a Champion of the Global Underground

    Tickets On Sale Now https://circolocoibiza.com/


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